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❶Some possible topics in this area are: Isaac Handley-Miner , What makes college students happy?:

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The senior thesis has many components and requirements that must be met in order to receive a passing grade on the assignment. Next comes the introduction and literature review, which previews the purpose for the research and offers what other researchers have done in the past about the topic. The methodology that follows summarizes the participants, materials and procedures used to conduct the study. Students can choose between conducting a quantitative or qualitative study—a study with numbers and figures or content and observations, respectively.

Kohl Kent is a graduating senior this semester and quantitative researcher. She explained that conducting a quantitative study was recommended by previous students. The following results and discussion sections are to include what the respective study found and what it means for this aspect of communication-related studies.

Finally, following all components, comes the conclusion section. This section wraps up the entire paper into a few pages, includes notes for further research and explains limitations of the study. Once the paper is completed, it must offer a reference list and any appendices to cite the research. On top of all of these paper requirements, students using human subjects for research, or interviewing, surveying or conducting focus groups, must be approved by the Institutional Review Board, or more commonly known as IRB.

This ensures that all research conducted and studied is ethical, humane and sound. The graduating seniors must be approved ahead of time by the IRB in order to complete their studies and continue with the comprehensive process of writing their thesis.

Graduating communication senior Jasmine Arias is quickly putting the finishing touches on her senior thesis. While she notes that it is a stressful time, it will all be worth it in the end. Arias is studying the influence the Kardashian family has on femininity and mainstream media by way of qualitative research. The mainstream view among scholars is that the Gospels Matthew, and Luke, share a common source apart from Mark. That source, the narrative goes, was a saying source containing a list of sayings by Jesus.

John did not use this source. A much more likely explanation would be that Luke simply had access to Matthew and is redacting both Mark and Matthew. The discovery of the Gospel of Thomas with the Nag Hammadi library in provided scholars with an idea of what Q may have looked like as a sayings source. There is a solid case for the notion that Luke used Matthew, which would remove the need for Q. So I doubt the validity of Q as a theory and its explanatory power.

This thesis would be a push back on the Q theory and an argument in favour of something like the Farrer hypothesis. I also really like the title: The Case for Dispensing the Q Theory.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. So in practice, only those individuals who meet the minimum academic qualifications and have developed a reputation in the program such that a faculty member judges them capable of conducting independent research in their discipline may write a thesis.

You should consider writing a senior thesis if you are performing at a very high level in the level classes that you are taking and if there is a topic or question that you would like to know more about.

Further, you should consider writing a senior thesis if you are interested in working one-on-one with a faculty member with very difficult material and if you are interested in learning how to conduct a sustained examination of a topic using the methods you have learned about in your discipline. The senior thesis is a yearlong project and a very important learning experience, one to be mentored carefully by the faculty advisor and to be taken up very seriously by the student.

The following timeline and procedures are suggestions for the student and faculty to follow. However, the most important checkpoints are marked with asterisks and bolded. Given approval of the department chair and for reasons typically pertaining to an accelerated graduation date or study abroad, the semester that these tasks are accomplished may be adjusted.

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Mar 01,  · Ok, so i'm a Communications Major, and i'm taking Senior Thesis (which is a class I need to fully graduate). I have to do a page research paper on a communication topic about anything that deals with Resolved.

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A master’s degree helps to prepare a student for work as a public relations manager, a journalist, a television producer and many other careers in communications. But, in order to earn the degree, a student must first complete a thesis. Consider five possible topics for a Master’s in Communication thesis. Every semester, communication seniors receive their cap and gown, finish their degree requirements and take part in the most daunting, yet rewarding of all: complete and defend their senior thesis, a rite of passage for Southeastern communication .

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A senior thesis project could include a presen­tation of several different types of proof and a search for an algebraic one. References: Any text in complex analysis. Jun 19,  · Paper topics should be developed in close consultation with the instructor.” To be quite honest, pages seems really short for a senior thesis. I’m sure there’s a lot of busy work for the course, but still.