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How to Resin Paper: A Great Mother's Day Gift Idea!

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❶Wow, Jennifer, your necklace is amazing. Among the many items that can be made with Clear-cast are fridge magnets, ashtrays, desk pen holders, display souvenirs, paperweights, figurines, keychains, embedding natural objects, and jewelery.

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While the number was still hot, I dipped it back into the Iced Enamels in Pewter and heat set it again. I repeated this process one more time. This yields a really thick, even, smooth enameled finish to the Silhouette Blank. I added the letter to my bezel and coated it with ICE Resin to seal.

After allowing the piece to cure overnight on a non-stick craft mat, it was time to make it into a pendant! I trimmed any scraggly pieces of ICE Resin from the edges of the pendant, making sure it was smooth for whoever wears this Katie is totally eyeing it! I added a wire bale and wired strips of ribbon and chain to the pendant. And there she is — all finished and ready to wear by someone with a big personality to match this big statement pendant!

If you're not into wearing a piece this large, she can always be turned into an ornament that can be hung. I bet she'd be pretty in a window where the sun can shine through the resin paper and catch the Shattered Inclusions in the light!

Watch this video showing how I made her from start to finish. Get your supplies on Amazon, all in one place!

I love what you made!! The paper and the stamp and the wire bezel and the inclusions! I just love this Jennifer! What a very clever idea to create your own bezel with paper and wire!! The result is beautiful!! Super creative and inspiring, thanks so much for sharing! Love the wire bezel. I loved your use of the crystals to look like rain. The ribbon finished off this project beautifully. Love the victorian look of the pendant.

I love this pendant — thanks for sharing this! I am opening an art school next year and trying out new techniques and products to show my students children and adults — I could really use this prize to kick into gear! Such a beautiful pendant, I would never have imagined making anything like this, both your inspiration and the products are amazing, so many ideas floating in my head now lol, Ty Ty Ty.

Oh my gosh you made my day! My favorite Jennifer creation ever! I love everything about it-I have resin,wire,paper,stamps-I can do this.

I have so many friends that something like this would be perfect for-and with this technique I can make it personal for each one. I would love to use the idea for holiday ornaments — it seems it would be light enough for a tree. Jennifer — this is absolutely stunning! Video is coming tomorrow, showing all the steps so come on back and check it out!

I love the idea of making your own bezel! Opens up the possibilities of what I want to use Ice Resin for! Tomorrow I will be sharing a video of the process — I would love to see what you create if you make one too! So fun that we both did a pendant using resin paper! LOVE your wire frame and the little lady image! And I also love all the detail you posted on how to make it. Your pendant is gorgeous!

Now you have my mind spinning with using the same technique. Thank you so much for the inspriation and for sharing your wonderful gift of creativity. Wow, Jennifer, your necklace is amazing. Love the Tutorial and looking forward to the vid, as well. I am going to have to try my hand at wire wrapping to create a bezel. Love how used Faber Castell Pitt Pens to color your stamped girl image and it complimented your bezel perfectly.

Thank you for sharing! Love the lady with the umbrella. And I love the glitter too. I love this pendant. I have contact sheets from 40 years ago that look fine they have mostly been stored in boxes, out of the light , some that are more recent that have brown stains on the back from the incorporated developer that made them useful in stabilization processors that I never used, but the images still look OK and a couple of mounted RC prints from commercial jobs that have been on my studio walls for 20 years or more.

If you're doing a lot of prints for family, etc. If you're showing in a gallery or museum, I'd go the extra mile and print on fiber. AJG , Jun 28, I might be missing all of it, bit i DO see Grade 2 and 3. That would definitely NOT be enough for my "talents".

FWIW, unfiltered multi-grade paper, per the Ilford data sheets, will print at grade 2. Color heads make using multi-grade super easy since you don't have to mess with filters or worry about second hand filter sets that are missing grades Plus, I find half grades super useful.

This is especially true since you can typically only get 1, 2, and 3 in FB graded papers now. It's less expensive although I don't like it as well as Ilford. When I first started my own darkroom and did my first prints I was disappointed.

The 8x10s didn't have the feel of real photos; they were hard and curly like dead leaves. A friend told me they were like that because they were FB paper not RC paper like all the photos I would get from photo stores. I switched to RC paper and was happy.

For serious prints I would later use FB paper and a dry mount press. But for everyday, for fun not profit, I would use RC paper and didn't notice any marked difference in enlarger exposure times. Dainis , Jun 29, Films and papers are covered with a coat gelatin in which is imbedded light sensitive salts of silver.

There are three silver salts: When exposed to light these silver salts absorb light energy and this action reduces splits these crystals into their two component parts. Our exposures are insufficient to reduce. However our exposures weaken the bond that holds the crystal together. The developer solution is a reducing agent able to liberate metals from their salts.

The developer differentiates between exposed and unexposed silver salts and reduces primarily the ones that received an exposure. Once reduced, metallic silver remains imbedded in the gelatin and the other components soak into the developer, which is mainly water. Unexposed silver crystals are not reduced, however, they will self-reduce if exposed to copious amounts of light. This action will occur without the aid of a developer. If this happens the metallic silver deposited by this self-reduction will darken the film or paper causing the image to fade.

To prevent this destructive self-reduction, we subject film and paper to a fix bath. This unique bath seeks unexposed and thus undeveloped un-reduced silver salts and dissolves them.

As this is happening, the metallic silver that makes up the image is unscathed; it remains imbedded in the gelation coat we call an emulsion. In order to work its magic, the fixer contains sulfur. Sulfur is an enemy of silver. You could even write a little poem or story and resin it for permanence. This journal is made with patterned brass sheet, square bronze wire, chain, eyelets, a frame bezel attached with mini nuts and screws, and fringe made of fibers and ribbons, and resin paper.

Mix the resin according to the package instructions. I always wear gloves for this technique because I hate stickiness. Use a small piece of kitchen sponge or disposable sponge brush to brush on the resin. Lay out a heavy garbage bag on your surface and tape down to keep it smooth.

Spread resin on the back of your paper and then flip over. Spread resin on the front and 'push' the resin into the paper so it will soak it up.

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Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Resin Coated VC Variable Contrast - Black and White Enlarging Paper, 8x10 Inches, 25 Sheets, Glossy Surface ( ).

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Step Three: Apply ICE Resin to Paper: Pour ICE Resin out onto your paper selection and wipe it all over with a sponge, making sure you fully coat and cover the whole page. Spread the ICE Resin into a thick or a thin layer depending on your preference, letting the ICE Resin really soak into the paper.

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This Trimaco Red Rosin Medium Weight Paper protects against foot traffic, paint, overspray, texture and drywall droppings/5(). Resin paper. How to coat papers with resin to use to make decorative elements. Great for making scrapbooking and jewelry crafts.

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Find great deals on eBay for resin paper. Shop with confidence. Resin paper jewelry tutorial. Posted February 6, by Katherine Swift. How to make scrapbooking papers into resin jewelry. I don’t scrapbook, but somehow find myself drawn to that section of the craft store whenever I’m in there.