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HIV/AIDS Research Paper Essay Sample

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❶In many countries compulsory HIV testing without prior consent or protection of confidentiality and even violence against HIV infected individuals takes place.


Research Paper on Epidemiology of HIV
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However, there is no way of ridding the virus from your body. If you have been exposed to the virus, there is a drug you can take that will reduce the risk of you getting the disease if taken close enough to the time of exposure. You must take several medications daily for 30 days. In conclusion, you must be cautious in this new world. You can only protect yourself by using proper protection and being cautious of whom your sexual partners are. As there is no cure for the disease, you have to be careful because if you are infected you are stuck with the disease for life.

Hypothesis Obesity is one of the factors influencing increase of systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Nowadays, obesity is a big problem among mankind especially in well-developed countries.

The statistics show that in this countries e. USA, UK majority of people faces cardiovascular problems. Is it rather due to unhealthy lifestyle or inappropriate diet? This question is difficult to answer, but probably the mixture of these The aim of the investigation is to examine the dependence between the blood pressure and the hour. The role of the blood is to supply organism with oxygen and nutrients. To reach every part of the body, blood is distributed by artery tissues.

Because of the large size of human body, blood is pumped from the heart to arteries under certain pressure enabling in filling This increases blood flow through muscle tissues which allows an increase in metabolism also muscle temperature. Also it allows haemoglobin to release oxygen more frequently to the muscles which require it.

Increases range of motion around a joint and there are hormonal changes. The body increases its production of various hormones responsible for regulating energy production. During warm-up this balance of hormones makes more carbohydrates The effect of stress has always been viewed as having psychological effects. However, recent research has contradicted this notion. Diarrhea describes bowel movements stools that are loose and watery. It is very common and usually not serious.

AIDS is being heatedly discussed globally. Piles of information on this pandemic are being distributed worldwide, and still, people continue to get infected. What are the reasons for such a state of actions? Why is the virus so powerful and mass? What should one do to avoid getting infected? And what is the course of actions if that was unavoidable? All these questions will be covered in the following parts of this paper.

Let us now get more into the essence of AIDS, its meaning and the major characteristics. But if you are, the body system will eventually try to fight the infection through making "antibodies".

One may be HIV-positive but continue living for many years. Two types of HIV infect humans: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus in action means your immune system is under attack, and the viruses and parasites that would otherwise not cause any inconveniences, may severely harm you if you are HIV-positive, the virus harms almost every organ.

An HIV-positive person is at a greater risk of developing fatal diseases, like cancer. And if a relatively healthy HIV-negative person has cancer he or she might get cured or live for substantial period of time, an HIV-positive developing AIDS person with cancer might die within several months, because the body is unable to fight against the attackers of the immune system.

The healthiness of the immune system is counted in CD4 cells. HIV can be transmitted from an infected person to another through: You may get infected with HIV through an unprotected sexual contact, direct blood contact, including injection drug needles, blood transfusions, mother to baby before or during pregnancy, birth, or through breast feeding — the breast milk contains HIV of an infected mother. The above-stated ways of getting HIV are estimated to be high to extremely high risks if getting the devastating virus of human immunodeficiency.

So, as they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It usually takes up to two months sometimes more for the immune system to produce antibodies to HIV, so there is no use testing straight after being exposed to the treat of getting HIV. Still, one should keep in might he or she might transmit the virus to others in case of HIV-infection being in force.

Antibody testing for HIV at 3 and 6 months after possible exposure will detect almost all the infections, and the test results are With children born to HIV-positive mothers the case for testing is much more complicated: The Home Access test kit enables to collect a sample of your blood that might be forwarded to a laboratory for testing.

You can get tested anonymously, but in case the results are positive and the treatment takes place, the name of the infected person may be reported to the Department of Health. It is important to note that, of all the people infected by the HIV, in the end they will develop AIDS depending on their defensive mechanism and general health.

The origin of the disease is still a mystery with some theories put in place. The epidemic has been enormous and, the first case might have been reported back in in Madras, India. In India, there are three groups, which get tested, for the disease. These are pregnant women who go for check ups, drug users and those who go for checkups in the special clinics for sexually transmitted diseases Savitri Ramaiah, In the central Asian countries, the epidemic of HIV is still in its early stages.

Though, there has been a numerous increase in the changes of those infected in the recent years. The virus infection among adults in the Central Asian countries may vary between 0. There are NGOs in the area which are trying to educate and help people in both areas that may be highly affected and those that are not Joana Godinho, In conclusion, I believe that HIV is a major public health issue and that people should put more effort to finding ways of arresting it.

We see that, in the recent years, it may have caused a lot of deaths leading to a high-mortality rate globally.

HIV/AIDS Research Paper Essay Sample

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AIDS Research Paper essaysWhat is AIDS and how is it spread? Around the world, AIDS has been a top killer for many people throughout the 20th century and is spread numerous ways. Scientist have been hard at work for years to find a cure for AIDS, but only have been able to find ways to treat it.

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HIV/AIDS Callyn Dwiggins Biology P.4 tanner HIV Stands for Human Immunodeficiency Disorder. HIV tags on to certain cells and copy’s itself. HIV causes slow but constant damage to the immune system.

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HIV Research Papers look at an order placed on HIV/AIDS and shows you how to order a book critique. This is a topic suggestion on HIV from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be. [tags: HIV, AIDS research, ] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Treating AIDS in Africa: Challenges and Solutions - Cancer and HIV/AIDS are both treatable but incurable illnesses yet somehow society has given them two very different connotations. It .

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AIDS/HIV A Cure I did a research paper on AIDS/HIV to find more information about the topic and how a family copes with a love one with the virus. In my paper I will address the AIDS virus and the cause and effect of the disease. /5(18). Research Paper on Epidemiology of HIV: Epidemiology can be said to be a key factor of science to public health. HIV is an epidemic and a concern to the public.