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❶Pyotr Verzilov, one of Pussy Riot's founding members, is in a 'grave condition' in a Moscow hospital with doctors allegedly refusing to give details of his condition his family and girlfriend. It might have been a bird-brained idea to raise seven goslings and teach them to fly but the result is a story that will make your heart soar Michael Quetting knew the geese long before they hatched and had even read them stories while they were still in the egg.

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To make a formal complaint under IPSO rules please go to www. A young family's holiday video reveals how their break in the sun was ruined by ear-splitting, dawn-to-dusk nearby building work. Faye and Marcus Gent, both 33, from Tilbury, Essex, pictured left had been hoping to get some well-deserved peace with their six-month-old son Thomas. The video shows Faye filming the bathroom as the drilling can be heard through the wall from the neighbouring bungalow.

The video pans to see the baby Thomas lying in his cot with his ears perked back listening to the head pounding noise. The drilling then stops for a brief moment, before screeching once more behind the tiled bathroom wall. The clip later shows Faye walking back to her bungalow along a stoned path with the deafening drilling still ever present pictured right.

The moment of death has been filmed by director, Steven Eastwood, in his new documentary which shows hospice patients confronting their final days.

It features a seven-minute scene of the final moments of Alan Hardy, a retired north London bus depot manager. The death which is said to be very undramatic and peaceful has been queried by its audience who expected something much more cinematic. As the moment happens, Eastwood can he heard gently snoring off camera after working for 38 hours beforehand.

Dame Joan Collins has hit back at her son's claims about her ex-husband Anthony Newley. But Dame Joan, 84, said the claim about her ex-husband was 'absolutely untrue'. Michael Quetting knew the geese long before they hatched and had even read them stories while they were still in the egg. This was part a scientific experiment to ensure the chicks recognised him from the moment they were born in order to adopt him as their mother. When Michael first met them they were large white eggs in an incubator, in a basement of the Max Planck Institute For Ornithology.

His father, Byron John, 53, said: He was such a charismatic, wonderful and dearly loved individual'. Mr Byron pictured right, with his son praised his Bradley in a statement, adding: The year-old is said to have killed himself amid claims on social media by friends and relatives that he was being bullied.

Ms Swinson, who gave birth to Gabriel on June 29, earlier warned the debate was 'too little, too late' and went on to reference the debacle around her failed pairing with Tory chairman Brandon Lewis on key Brexit legislation. She went on to describe the failed pairing incident as a 'shameful act', adding: The year-old son of the late designer David Hicks, Ashley Hicks left married Kata right at his family home.

Their romance had taken no time to blossom — the lovebirds got engaged just one month after meeting on Instagram. They were introduced online by illustrator Donald Robertson, who was also best man.

Adrian Radu left was twice over the drink drive limit two-and-a-half hours after the crash, providing a reading of 71 micrograms of alcohol in millilitres of breath, while the legal limit is Mark Downham right was sleeping on the backseat of a van when Radu had crashed into the vehicle.

Shocking footage from the M1 centre shows how Radu was speeding along the carriageway, just moments before the fatal crash, in Nottingham. Ilmarie and Alex Braun from Chester are desperate to secure help for Eddie, three, who has a severe form of childhood epilepsy. The Shadow Home Secretary claimed Tory ministers were failing to treat migrants as humans — and drew comparison with the racist Ugandan tyrant who expelled all Asians from his country. Campaigners said they were 'furious' the tech giant was not making products with women in mind after it announced it would discontinue the smallest iPhone model, the SE.

The possible move comes after a record , Britons responded to a Treasury consultation on how to deal with throwaway plastic packaging. Knife crime has surged to a seven-year high amid police fears of an epidemic of violence on the streets. And use of blades among children has rocketed to its highest level this decade.

Chi Onwurah left filed the claim under the headline 'training' for the voice coach. Of those held in swoops by counter- terror police in the year to June, were white — the largest ethnic group — while were recorded as being of Asian ethnic background, Home Officer figures show. A study found men are less likely to enjoy their jobs than women on average, while working long days and feeling rushed at work have a stronger negative impact on them.

The drinks giant is joining Cadbury and Carling, which are already members of a group of seven key sponsors. McDonald's has partnered with associations to sponsor children's football. Prudential's Quality of Life index for England and Wales has crowned West Sussex as the best place to be a pensioner for the second year running. Hannah-Marie Clayton, 10, of Bournemouth, did not approve of the new Coco Pops slogan 'Loved by kids, approved by mums'. She argued 'dads can make breakfast too' and it changed Kellogg's minds.

It was also criticised for delays in giving residents the compensation they are due. Football fans watching the World Cup online this summer through the BBC were forced to endure delays of 30 seconds or more compared to those watching on traditional television. The world heritage site in Oxfordshire was given to the 1st Duke of Marlborough by Queen Anne in , in recognition of victories that established Britain as a world power.

The men told Kremlin-funded state broadcaster Russia Today yesterday they had been on a two-day holiday to Salisbury. But ten glaring flaws blow a huge hole in their version of events.

Such as, why did they stay in East London? Why are there no pictures of the duo actually visiting Salisbury cathedral? And bus tours to Stonehenge were not cancelled on Sunday March 4. Two Russian assassins accused of trying to kill Russian double agent Sergei Skripal by putting deadly nerve agent Novichok on his door-handle were today interviewed on Russian State TV and said they were only tourists not killers.

In the 'absurd' interview the men even admitted they may have ended up at Sergei Skripal's suburban home 'by accident' while looking for the cathedral, which has a ft spire and is 25 minutes in the other direction. The Russian assassins appeared to be regurgitating a script and intent on fixing their 'poker faces', a body language expert told MailOnline today. The burly pair admitted they were in the city on the day Sergei Skripal was poisoned, but insisted they only went to visit its 'famous cathedral' and nearby Stonehenge.

Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov flew from Moscow to Heathrow and took the train to Salisbury where they put deadly nerve agent novichok on Sergei Skripal's door-handle before flying home. A chemical weapons expert who appears on the Russia Today TV news channel has been arrested after officers discovered potentially hazardous materials at his home in Bideford, Devon.

The Russian media questioned whether Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov were gay after they were asked in an interview why they made the trip to Britain together. Pyotr Verzilov, one of Pussy Riot's founding members, is in a 'grave condition' in a Moscow hospital with doctors allegedly refusing to give details of his condition his family and girlfriend.

Hurricane Helene could bring 'extreme weather' to Britain on Tuesday, according to forecasters. The Met Office fears wet and windy weather could be on the horizon. Although forecasters also believe the start of next week to be uncertain and could instead bring some warm weather to British shores. Today the hurricane is raging off the coast of the United States pictured top left and then by Sunday evening it will start making its way across the Atlantic pictured bottom left.

By Tuesday pictured right the remnants of Hurricane Helene can be seen near the south-western tip of the UK. Diane Abbott pictured walked away from a Tube passenger who grilled the Labour MP last week over her comment that Orthodox Jews were targets of hate crime because of the 'costumes' they wear.

Ms Abbott said that charedi Jews in Hackney were 'actually subject to hate crime more than other Jews, because they wear that costume' on Question Time earlier this year. Martin Henton, acting headteacher at Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School, has been criticised after an assembly about new uniform included the topic of discussion 'sexual threats' and harassment.

More than combinations for the new '68 plates have been forbidden by the DVLA to keep Britain's streets decent. A man, named locally as Alan Grayson, was found with a stab wound at his Sheffield home today.

Neighbours say he lived with Marjorie, 83, and they were 'always just pottering around in their garden. In defiance of pro-choice campaigners, Sajid Javid said creating protest-free areas outside clinics to prevent harassment of patients 'would not be a proportionate response' to heated protests.

Andrew Murray, 60, Jeremy Corbyn's special adviser, who has worked in Parliament for months without a pass, has called for the defeat of Nato and shown solidarity with a Hezbollah terror chief. The final episode of the You, Me and Big C podcast hears Rachael discussing how she learnt to cope with her 'new normal'. Hind, 69, was sentenced to a total of 24 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months.

More than 10 landlords in Canterbury, Kent, have admitted taking on female student tenants offering free rooms in exchange for sexual services. A student journalist pictured snared the landlords on Craigslist. Sarah Bramley, 29, sent a picture of herself performing a sex act on Michael Lawson, 34, to her former partner David Saunders, 34, who then stabbed Mr Lawson in Darlington.

The naked calendar includes Cambridge University's finest sportsmen and women posing at famous locations across the city, while using strategically placed props to preserve their modesty. Pictured clockwise from top left: This second video shows a vicious confrontation between members of staff and customers, which is thought to have taken place in the McDonald's restaurant on Uxbridge Road in Shepherds Bush, west London on September 1.

The clip was filmed by an unknown bystander and begins with a male employee and customer engaged in a furious brawl, with the worker seemingly held in a headlock. Four of his colleagues desperately struggle to grab the customer as he appears to choke their co-worker.

The Shepherds Bush branch has a reputation as one of the roughest McDonald's in London, but in March this year the branch owner claimed they had refuced anti-social behaviour by playing classical music. The former ice house pictured , located on the shores of Loch Crinan in Scotland, was originally built in and used to store ice essential for keeping salmon fresh for market.

The original property has been retained in full but a glass extension dubbed 'the Fox's glacier mint extension' allows for view across the Scottish countryside protected from the elements.

Charlie Chafer, six, has been banned from classes at Drayton Park Primary School in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, after restyling his hair over the summer holidays.

His mother, who is now threatening to move him to a different school, claims a teacher put water on his hair to flatten his treasured mohawk down. Relatives of Michael Cash - who was spray-painted in Middlesbrough - say the police have told them a body discovered in a cemetery could be their loved one. Anna Doherty, 19, started to feel unwell five days into an all-inclusive holiday in the resort of Hurghada in March.

The resort is the same as where John and Susan Cooper were staying before they died. Fundraiser Gary Gardner, 56, has been found guilty of two counts of fraud at Leicester Crown Court after pocketing cash collected for the young son of murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

Dame Louise Ellman, who has been an MP since , has been criticised by left-wing activists for speaking out on the scandal. A Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Copenhagen with people on board was put in jeopardy after one of the plane's nosewheels fell off during take-off. The giant fish - weighing around kg - was mistakenly netted off the coast of Devon by fishermen looking for sprats. The men were not able to keep the bluefin tuna due to fishing quotas. Incredible photos from show the extent of the prospering industry at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, with women gutting and salting huge amounts of fish everyday.

Tom Tugendhat, the high-flying chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, today insisted the party had to stop 'banging on about Europe' and look to a future led by politicians like himself. Andrei Burnaz told the inquest into the Westminster terror attack how he frantically searched the London bridge for his partner after she was struck by Khalid Masood's car. The Office for National Statistics said 18 year-olds spend more time glued to their screens on Facebook or other social media sites, or playing computer games.

The last time the national target of 85 per cent of patients starting treatment within 62 days of an urgent GP referral in England was hit was in December , according to the NHS figures.

Millie Stipetic, 22, from Darlington, was left fighting for her life in intensive care after being badly beaten and left for dead by her boyfriend Dean Young, It comes a month after Birmingham was taken from G4S.

Roberts ran through Jim Crow Texas and into the record books. The Middle Ages Meet my muse, a loving and happy presence, despite the troubling turns in her young life. Column Open your wallets, California taxpayers. Coastal commissioners hit with fines were indemnified pretrial. Column Beware of this pitch for Trump, Social Security and 'traditional values'.

Editorial Did we learn enough from the Lehman Bros. Business If Trump slaps tariffs on more Chinese goods, U. Everything to know before the big show 6: Science Now Did archaeologists find the oldest drawing made by humans? Who killed Lorenzen Wright? Nation As Trump and Mattis clash in public, officials question how long he'll last at the Pentagon.

Now Bakersfield mass shooting 'very calculated,' came after ugly divorce, officials say. World Russian Pussy Riot activist hospitalized in grave condition; poisoning suspected. Commentary Ariana Grande and Julie Chen get trapped by the blame game.

Politics Paul Manafort pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate with special counsel's probe. Essential Politics California politics news feed. Essential Politics It's not just Trump — California voters can thank themselves for the state's relevancy in this November's midterm election. Local Climate summit live updates: Brown's global event kicks off in San Francisco.

Now San Francisco statue that some call racist is removed. Saturday's TV highlights and weekend talk shows: Ariana Grande and Julie Chen get trapped by the blame game. Politics Republicans pressing ahead with Kavanaugh nomination despite allegation. Paul Manafort pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate with special counsel's probe. Five takeaways from Paul Manafort's plea agreement.

Patient advocates, healthcare groups sue Trump administration to preserve insurance protections. Labor unions aren't buying it when Trump says, 'I could be one of you'.

At Jerry Brown's climate summit, a lot of drama and a measure of momentum. Business San Francisco Fed elevates a gay woman — its vice president — to the top job. Betsy DeVos wants another chance to delay rule meant to protect defrauded student-loan borrowers. Small-company stocks shine on an otherwise ho-hum day. Washington is wondering how to regulate giant tech companies. Climate summit live updates: San Francisco statue that some call racist is removed.

Habitat restoration project in Oceanside hopes to lure cactus wrens, California gnatcatchers. Families weathering out Hurricane Florence in a hotel now face a less-serious menace: A family rescued as their apartment soaks. Carolinas brace for winds and rain. Travel Stranded at an airport because of Hurricane Florence?

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