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A List of Great Sample Dissertation Topics in Marketing

Bad Topics for Marketing Paper

❶The term marketing has different definitions based on the person or source giving the definition.

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A List of Topics for Marketing Papers
Essay on marketing: essay examples, topics, questions, thesis statement
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A comparative study on application of advertising through cell phone framework among various types of goods and services. Market entry strategy in an emerging market using Country of Origin information.

A study of packages milk brands. Characteristics of customer loyalty: Consumer response towards country of origin experiment comparison between higher involvement and lower involvement products. Relationship between website attributes and customer satisfaction: A study of E-commerce systems in city name.

To identify service quality gaps in banking sector: A comparative study of local and foreign banks. Effects of employee smiling on customer satisfaction with the transaction in banks and cellular industry of country name. Relationship between consumers internal usage practices and awareness to internal advertising. Effects of consumer response to in store promotion on brand image and purchase intention. The effects of product, market and organizational characteristics on market research practices.

A comparative study of sellers and buyers in market acceptability of licensed software. The effects of advertising research practices on the advertising performance of companies. A comparative analysis of local and international brand. Find the impact of opinion leadership on consumer buying decision with respect to high and low involvement product categories. Understanding consumer response towards sales promotion in the fast food industry.

Impact of congruity between self-concept and brand image on brand preference in the automobile industry. Customers evaluation of perceived value of service rendered by physician consultant. Effectiveness of utility bill as promotion medium a comparative study between company and consumer.

The revival of radio advertising in country name: A comparative study of advertiser and consumer. Relationship between organization characteristic and organization response to Gray market. The effect of consumer travel characteristic and billboard characteristics on consumer response to billboard advertising. The effects of search engine optimization on marketing performance of the companies.

Impact of celebrity endorsement and event sponsorship on pre-purchase evaluation. The effects of consumer environmental consciousness and environmental friendliness on brand preference.

The impact of different sales promotion tactics on consumer of GSM networks in terms of usage. Role of outdoor advertising in brining awareness and developing perception for social causes.

Factors behind use of plastic money in country name: A study of consumer behavior. To evaluate the packaging variables and their impact on consumer preference in soft drink. A study on relationship between advertising, word of mouth and experiential perspective with respect to purchase intent. The impact of fashion involvement and hedonistic consumption tendency on buying behavior.

Impact of mood on brand recall and attitude of brand placement in television program. The relationship between dining attributes customer satisfaction and customers patronage intention in restaurants. A study on consumer purchase intention with respect to objectives, attributes and subjective dimensions in retail outlets. Consumer buying behavior in shopping stores: Finding endogenity when consumer demographics, psychographics and product characteristics explaining consumer complaint behavior.

Effectiveness of integrated marketing communication with respect to consumer attitude towards brand. An association between advertising messages and content and the response of the children. An application of two stage least square model for explaining advertising as a mediator for attitude and brand choice.

Customer relationship management and services marketing: To study the relationship between managerial perceived effectiveness of teaser campaigns and its strategic implementation. To study the effects of housewife quality perception of ready to cook meal on their preference to use. To study the effects of offensive images and tests on ad recall, brand recall and brand image.

To study the effects of brand relevance strategies on brand share and brand sales. To study the effects of sales man personality on brand image and brand sales at various stages of brand life cycle.

Subscribe to Our Feed! Important Projects Topics in Finance. Key success factors of Nike. Please could you give me guide lines. I appreciate all your contribution to knowledge enhancement. Consumer advocates and budget analysts for years have admonished consumers to avoid impulse shopping at all costs, to always go into a grocery store with a list and resist all temptation to deviate from it.

Bibliography lists 12 sources. This 8 page paper explores consumerism in terms of rational decision making. Economic issues are discussed as are those pertinent to marketing. Bibliography lists 5 sources. A 5 page proposal for a study on the buying habits and attitudes of women. The proposal includes an overview, three hypotheses, a brief review of the literature, conclusion and implications of the study. Research findings are contrary to popular beliefs about women when it comes to purchasing clothes.

Bibliography lists 4 sources. This 6 page research paper discusses factors involved in creating brand loyalty. What is it and how do companies get it? Factors discussed include brand equity, brand value and brand asset management, including the steps necessary in the managing of brand assets.

A 4 page critique of the entitled article by Low and Fullerton. The article's authors investigated the viability of continuing the brand management system today and in the future. They reached five theses based on a comprehensive historical review of the literature. Their conclusions are discussed.

Bibliography lists 1 source. Marketing To Today's Consumers: A 5 page paper that investigates the attitudes of today's consumer and the effect this has on marketers. Comments from Hugh Mackay provide a foundation for part of the paper. Specific marketing approaches are included. A 7 page paper presenting an advertising research project in which a survey was used to assess the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in advertising in terms of obtaining the desired effect on the consumer.

The paper reports a survey done of 52 mall shoppers equally divided regarding sex. They were asked their opinions of several celebrities, several products, and whether celebrity endorsement affected their purchasing decisions. The limitations of the study prevents the researcher from concluding that the hypothesis is proved, but it is supported by the findings and warrants further research.

An 8 page paper discussing general aspects and tools of marketing. Though it tends to appear to be a vast catch-all term for all business activity that is not either pure manufacturing or customer service, it rides that fine line between art and science, incorporating aspects of both.

It can be straightforward and understated, or it can be aggressive to the point that it alters the course of competing companies. For the most part, consumers often do their best to avoid the multi-million dollar advertising campaigns of the giant companies, but marketers are determined to capture their attention. The paper discusses common marketing tools such pricing, advertising, sales promotion, public relations and the four Ps of marketing.

Bibliography lists 8 sources. A 14 page research paper on how businesses use marketing in order to be more successful.

The paper examines the effects of marketing in 3 major categories: For the lack of integrity, Mobil Corporation is used as an example of deceptive environmental claims. Too many businesses forget the admonition of Theodore Levitt, that the sole purpose for the existence of any business is to first create, and then to keep a customer, letting profits follow as the business grows. Keeping the customer is the job of others; the creation of that customer is the realm of marketing.

Bibliography lists 6 sources. Whenever a business considers investing time and capital in new projects, there exists a need to evaluate the market for future trends and influencing variables to determine cost efficiency.

Technology has become one of the major influences on the market system today, both as a characteristic that must be considered for a business and as an evolving market in its own right. The electronics market is influenced in a reciprocal manner with the information technology market and shares many of the same variables of cost consideration. The same can be said of the drug and cosmetics industry and the petroleum market.

These latter two are considered direct services and are more affected by customer satisfaction and competition. For all of these markets, the bottom line is cost efficiency and financial gain while providing a service and, or product. This 9 page paper examines some of the variables to be considered in maintaining cost efficiency in a changing market. Bibliography lists 9 sources. When considering pricing strategies the components of cost, competitor considerations, strategic goals, and member usage patterns for all products, not just a single product, must be taken into account.

This 3 page paper addresses competitive markets and proposes that competitive strategy rests on the theory of efficient markets. The microcompetitive model performs as the foundation of industry analysis, identifies factors in industry profit differences, and explores the analytical concepts underlying the opportunity costs of capital. Industry analysis stands as a cornerstone of competitive strategy.

It incorporates the Five Forces Model of Industry: The theories and propositions of George Stigler are examined. Two Approaches to Discrimination: A 3 page paper discussing discrimination in the marketing context. There are no social issues at work here, aside from the empirical research that has gone into determining the best approaches to gauging consumer discrimination. Some have claimed that segmentation has gone too far at the expense of synchrony, but there appears to be little empirical research to support those claims.

Current research still concludes in favor of the segmented market approach, but there are indications that a broader approach may regain favor in the future. A 6 page paper identifying and relating the importance of major marketing concepts to the success of the small business. A Los Angeles executive gift service is used as example throughout. The business desparately needed to expand its customer base and employed the services of a marketing consultant who failed to consider all the needs of the business and the market targeted.

Another consultant explains what went wrong and why. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Advertising as an Marketing Entry Barrier: A 10 page research paper that looks at advertising a vehicle that can be utilized by an established firm to prevent entry into a market by new entrant competitors.

In both the consumer and the industrial markets, those companies that have been pioneers in their particular fields traditionally continue to outsell later entrants. This is so common that the term "pioneering advantage. Bibliography lists 10 sources. A 5 page paper on what makes marketing different from other sciences. The writer argues that marketing is not a science and rather a discipline and gives several examples. Bibliography lists 2 sources. A 20 page research paper that investigates a number of marketing techniques including: Cause-related marketing, Corporate sponsorship, corporate communication theory, stakeholder theory and an identification of who the stakeholders are, content analysis research method and case studies as a research tool.

Bibliography lists 50 sources. Stages of Product Life Cycle: A 4 page paper explaining the five stages of product life cycle. The writer provides classic definitions of each stage and offers examples of how they pertain to a specific industry.

An 8 page research paper that is written in the form of an investigative report into the how a planned software development program for a corporation failed to meet its stated objectives. The writer details what went wrong and gives suggestions that can be implemented to facilitate the software development life cycle in the future. Bibliography lists 3 sources. A 5 page paper in which the writer discusses the basic strategic planning that goes into setting price.

As an example, the paper takes a brief look at the pricing strategies incurred in price setting for a fictional company marketing a drug that cures Aids. Keywords and concepts discussed include: A 19 page analysis of data obtained from real surveys of Kean College a New Jersey state college students about their attitudes towards the school that they attend.

Includes statistical analyses, recommendations, and application of consumer behavior theory. Very useful as a model for those studying business-related courses such as consumer marketing. A 15 page research paper primarily examining the reasons and the need for vigilance in the area of customer satisfaction. Too many companies get so involved in their own internal processes that they forget to ask their customers just what it is that they want.

A 33 page paper taking a general look at marketing and consumer behavior since the s, when widespread use of electricity and economic prosperity gave rise to marketing in earnest. There was growing discontent with promises made vs. When consumers demanded value in their purchases, they increasingly turned to Japanese companies to study their methods of manufacturing only to discover that the Japanese had raised to an art form the same principles of continuous process improvement and high quality that American manufacturers had eschewed after World War II.

It was TQM, and they called it a "Japanese" technique. American manufacturers have rectified most of their quality problems, and now court the American consumer in relationships, are environmentally aware and make increasing use of the Internet in order to market to one at a time. Establishing a Research Sample Population: An 8 page paper discussing devising a sampling plan for market research for a new product. There are rules of common sense in market research, one of which dictates that the most useful responses will be those from users of similar products.

In the case of an Internet-ready color television, that similar product is a computer and potential respondents are those already familiar with the Internet. The setting, Southeast Asia, can appear to be problematic because of the diversity of populations resident in the region, but examination of economic conditions shows that such does not have to be the case.

Bibliography lists 11 sources. Customer Satisfaction In Service: A 6 page paper discussing current views of ways to enhance customer satisfaction in service applications.

Service has been a larger contributor to the overall economy for several years, and the trend is only growing. Businesses spend millions on market research and inventive new ways to build new customers, but too many neglect their existing customers and allow them to be unhappy with the service they have received. Despite all the market research and consumer behavior research of recent times, perhaps the best route to increasing customer satisfaction is that paved by small merchants of a less sophisticated era, when there was no discussion of "company policy" when a customer was unhappy, and the reasonable customer never, ever left unhappy with the solution Bibliography lists 15 sources.

The Impact of Marketing on Children: An 8 page paper that discusses the significance of marketing focused on children on the interdependent relationship between children as consumers and parents. The author utilizes a number of sources that represent the current trends of advertising representatives.

A 15 page paper that looks at the consumer response in three case situations applied against empirical data. These are all fictitious situations applied to the research studies surrounding consumer psychology and the affected interests applied to purchases. According to Levitt, Business leaders who continue to concentrate myopically on the bottom line, wooing the approval of Wall Street and shareholders for their quarterly earnings performance, are certain to get low marks in their aspirations as marketers.

The issue is essential relationship is the one between organizations and their consumers. The Best Of Sales: A 4 page paper on selling and sales techniques. Creativity is the fun of sales; customer service provides the satisfaction. But the one outstanding feature of a successful salesman of integrity is his absolute honesty about his product. It is up to the organization to serve that customer in the best ways possible and to let the customer know that the business understands how important they are.

The customer has known for a very long time. A 5 page book report on "Outrageous!: Guilt-Free Selling" by Scott Gross. His illustrations and examples of his own success leave the reader wishing they could visit a store such as the ones he worked in. No additional sources cited. The Effects Of Background Vs. Foreground Music In Retail Stores: It is argued that while background music is known to have a greater effect, type of music also plays a role with regard to customer demographics and preferences.

Specific questions must be asked. A 16 page paper discussing ethnic marketing. The urban African-American and Hispanic markets are formidable already, and only growing in their influence.

Both segments carry the potential to significantly affect the fortunes of those companies offering products and services useful to them, but businesses at the same time must be responsible in their pursuit of these two segments.

Bibliography lists 15 sources. An 11 page research paper which explores the business implications offered by marketing on the Internet. The writer includes such topics as possible problems, predicted growth of Internet marketing, potentials for international marketing, and others.

Early hopes of Internet-based commerce have not proven themselves to be the route that such commerce was expected to take, but the growth of the Internet and its associated technology have become the lifeblood of many tiny businesses that otherwise would have remained tabletop businesses with only local influence.

The most successful Internet ventures have been weighted to the advantage of products over services, but each has seen growth.

The advent of the secure electronic transaction has relieved the fears of many who formerly were would-be purchasers that have now joined the growing numbers of consumers and businesses taking advantage of the opportunities of the Internet. In this 4 page essay, the writer looks at the impact that telecommunications have had upon marketing. An overview of the Internet and on-line services is complemented by several case examples of successful business ventures.

The point is kept simple. A 12 page research paper on how the Internet has changed marketing in a revolutionary sense. Several case examples of home businesses are provided and a brief overview of how on-line communications take place is provided. The role of such things as e-mail, marketing auto-responders, etc. Bibliography lists approximately 12 sources. A basic overview of what marketing on the Internet is, how it works, and what the benefits provided by it are. The writer also presents several key issues to consider such as Internet security, costs involved, alternative to credit cards, and uniqueness of methods to consider when marketing on-line.

A 14 page research paper examining the past and anticipated growth of Internet commerce. Included are discussions of prior mobility restrictions of customers and the ease by which their governments could impose import restrictions, alliances between worldwide companies, such as IBM and MasterCard, to facilitate Internet marketing and increase security of transactions. Also discussed are some of the types of businesses involved in Internet commerce and outgrowth industries directly resulting from the growth of sales on the Internet, such as consulting companies devoted to increasing sales and outside site developers.

A 10 page research paper which looks at what is needed to have a successful presence on the Internet for an air freight carrier. The writer specifically profiles the Web sites of FedEx and UPS examining the features which make these sites successful. While Federal Express and the Postal Service market directly to individual customers promoting their standard package delivery services, UPS is targeting the fast-growing business-to-business segment of Internet marketing in offering secure document electronic delivery.

The paper includes a SWOT analysis, identification of stakeholders in the private company and an overview of marketing activities. Human Resources at Federal Express: This 4 page paper with annotated bibliography examines the role of human resource management at Federal Express in terms of the three strategies for the strategic business partner concept as delineated by Michelle Martinez and elaborated by Dave Ulrich.

It finds that FedEx does conform to these 3 strategies and recommends a shift of HR personnel to the role of consultant and communication expert in addition to strategic positions. It then briefly examines the role of HR employees at the Boston Bank.

A 15 page analysis of FedEx that includes an overview of the company and its operations and the challenges it faces in a very competitive market. One of the issues the company must deal with repeatedly is the attempt of unions to infiltrate the company.

FedEx has won numerous awards for its human resources programs and it is these very programs that keep the unions out. Recommendations are offered for the issues facing FedEx at this time. The paper compares business results, stock valuation, management effectiveness as expressed in terms of return on equity and return on investment, debt ratios and profitability.

A 5 page paper that considers the use of the Internet as a means of marketing for chain restaurants. The writer demonstrates that the Internet provides exposure to specific demographic groups not readily available in other marketing formats. Marketing Music On The Internet: A 10 page essay on the past, present and future of music marketing. The discussion of the future of music marketing focuses primarily on various forms of Internet marketing.

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10 Brilliant Marketing Term Paper Ideas to Consider. If you are tasked with writing a marketing research paper, you might be unsure of what topics you should cover.

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In order to avoid that – you have to plan your marketing term paper, and make sure that you have enough information on the marketing term paper topics you are about to write. Basically, the thing which value all professors is the credibility of your information.

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Mar 09,  · List of good marketing essay topics for students, Marketing Essay Topics Developing a topic for an essay is, unlike popular belief, an easy task. For a topic as wide as marketing, the job gets even easier and with only a little research, one can develop a topic for their essay. List Of Marketing Essay Topics. / Identifying good topic for marketing paper is a challenging task even for a qualified and professional academic writer. It’s not a secret that your topic should correspond to specific class or subject. For instance, “Marketing mix of Google” can be a good topic for a marketing paper prepared for “Introduction to Marketing” class.

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List of Free Research Topics for Marketing Dissertations, suggested by Top Professional Dissertation Assignment Helpers. Our experts not only offer you research paper topic assistance but also other services such as term paper writing services, how to write a research paper, dissertation title, last minute help with assignments and others/5(K). 15 Fresh Ideas For Marketing Research Paper Topics. If you are looking for marketing research paper topics, consider the following: You can review textbooks in your first year, second-year, or even perhaps from your third year.