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Life Without Television

2. I live by my own schedule

❶Online Custom Essay Writing Service. However, television can have a very bad influence on teenagers at times.

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1. Time not spent watching really stupid crap
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The majority of people that listen to music, like what is played on the radio, which in my mind is not always the best samples of the larger musical world to enjoy, and I think it is because of shows like American Idol and others that are similar, that stimulate this lower level of aesthetic tastes that the majority of Americans prefer.

All in all, like anything, I do not believe that television is the only factor in causing this decline, but I do believe that it plays an important role and that if we were to ever decrease our television viewing amounts, I think you would start to see a slow, but steady, increase in aesthetic values across the whole of our culture. In conclusion, while I do not think that television is the sole factor in contributing to some of our problems as a society, I do believe that it is one of the main ones and I could see things improving much, for the better, if people within this society would just watch a little less television each day.

The problems of child obesity, the decrease in intellectualism, and the decreasing aesthetic tastes of the populace would see a slow, but dramatic increase in my opinion if we just started finding other hobbies to enjoy and put as much time in them as we do with our television watching. In the end, I am not saying that all of television is bad, in fact I think that there is a decent sized amount of good programming out there, whether it would be creativity stimulating shows like Lost, or intellectual programming like that of what you would find on channels such as The History Channel and The Science Channel, that lead credence to why some television viewing can be good for us, but in the end I think it all boils down to the quality of the programs we watch on the majority level, and the amount that we watch them being the two major things that we should think about and reconsider the next time we turn on the tube.

Life Without Television I dream of a world of higher intellects, where people read much more than they do and participate in intellectual debates and other activities that require more thinking and less zombifying in front of an electronic device that does not always produce high-quality intellectual programming.

Posted by Nathan Guest at 8: For a while, I tried downloading pirated shows, but couldn't really muster much enthusiasm for it after a few months. I really enjoy video websites, though.

Now, I'm living with my friend for a while, and he watches cable tv all the time. It's interesting, but some of these political shows and the nightly news are depressing. The author lived with the Amish for a year. The book is basically about where the balance with technology lies; which types enrich our lives and which types actually impair them. We do watch a few TV shows online, but that ends up being one show we watch together per week and a show that DH watches on Sunday morning while I sleep in.

For news we listen to NPR. Honestly, with all the shows you can find online, I'm surprised most people still pay for cable. You can even find the Presidential debates in their entirety online. One plus to not owning a TV that you didn't mention, you save a lot of money when you never see ads for stuff. I have no desire to go out and buy the latest thing, because usually I don't know it exists.

I imagine the savings would be even higher if we had kids. We haven't had cable in the 7 years we've been married. We haven't had the TV setup for the past 2, and for the 5 before that it was strictly for DVDs and tapes.

Last year we gave away the TV entirely. The only time we have ever wanted it was within the past month. We now have hours and hours of our lives back for our son, our respective writing, cooking, photography, and I have not had a tv either for about 4 and a half years. I had a couple other reasons for kicking the habit. Their is ridiculous amounts of ads on TV always trying to sell you stuff but the worst is any news that seems to be on the TV is incredibly worthless and misleading.

I remember reading that the average American spends something like hours watching TV a day. Think of all the more interesting things you could be doing during that time. For example, if you took hours a day to learn a language you should be able to speak a new level 1 foreign language in months. Not to say that there is nothing good on TV but you can always get the one or two things you want to see off of the internet.

I've been doing my best to persuade my wife to have tv-free evenings, and only watch tv deliberately - when there is a specific show we want to watch. For me thats only one or two shows a week.

I've found that having a tv in the room is like having a third person in the middle of your relationship. A friend of mine even calls TV the "one-eyed god", which people worship every evening.

The only way to get her out seems to be abandoning TV, so I am not planning to buy another TV if this stops working. I was off work last week and spent a day just veging out infront of the telly after not watching it for about 6 years. It was a real shock to the system!

Made me remember just why I stopped watching it. Like most people here I do watch shows I have downloaded, but never in front of a telly. I usually put them on my iPhone so I can watch them when I would otherwise be wasting time like commuting to work. We have never had a TV in the 20 years we have been married.

Our three teenage children seem to cope well without it. They seem to absorb popular culture through the Internet and newspapers. Commercial TV is fundamentally an advertising tool.

I just couldn't stand the noise in the corner of our family room. The other point is that we don't have any time slots in our lives to watch it. No TV here either. Our kids grew up without TV because we felt that there were better things to do with their time. We had one for a few years after they were grown up but got rid of it again when we realized how costly it was in terms of time and money.

Life is back to being our own once again! Even before that we didn't watch much. We still have a tv, but it's only for watching movies we get from the library. I don't watch much TV and never really did as a kid. As a matter of fact, DH will walk in a room and turn the TV on like a bad habit.

Sometimes he just turns it on and it just stays on the cable 'welcome' screen. To me sitting in front of the TV on a beautiful day is depressing.

I would say he is addicted. He comes home from work and watches. He has his list of shows to watch. I watch when I'm done my chores and am too tired to read. I use cable for the music channels. I am 24 years old and I had a TV in my room since I was a young kid.

I rememeber friends being jelious that I had such a huge TV in my room when I was in middleschool. Back then I thought it was great and I loved movies and that is the reason why Back to the Future is my favorite movie of all times. When I was younger and got sick mom would sit me down in front of the TV and I would litterally watch Back to the Future all day long, I loved it! Back to today, and really even most recently, I just would rather be doing something else than watch TV.

My father still owns the world record of recorded tapes, and now DVD's he records and I gave him my 32" TV from my room before I sort of moved out and into my girlfriend parents house. She bought a 42" LCD and when we first started dating we would have movie night at least once a week this was 8 months ago and now she can barely get me to sit in front of the TV. Her parents I feel are ruining their lives with TV, I feel like all they want to do is come home from work and watch TV.

Why aren't we happy? Anyway I digress, to be honest with you I could easily live without TV, read a book or work on a hobby, or find out something you can do more uniquly than anyone else in the world and make money doing it. It's all possible and its better then wasting one's life away in front of a TV. I own a physical set. I canceled my cable a few months back. So I turned the cable back on just to save money on my internet.

Sometimes I watch TV, but very rarely. I do watch shows on the internet though. I've been watching The Wire. I'm waiting for Lost to start back up. Other than that I don't really care about TV for all the reasons you mentioned. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Do I let it rule my life?

I own an inexpensive DVD burner and I record the shows I want and watch them on my own time without commercials. I'm also a multi-tasker I can't sit in front of the TV without writing, drawing, knitting or sewing or something , so I'm not turning into a vegetable. For those of you who might say I can watch TV on the Internet The things I want to watch aren't always available online where I live. Believe it or not, my Canadian IP address excludes me from a lot of content, whether I want to watch it online or buy it in iTunes.

We own one TV in our home. And actually it is the only one we have ever purchased, as our previous set was given to us by my mother when she bought a new one. We only use ours to watch DVDs from the library, and Netflix.

We do not have cable, and cannot pick up any stations on an antenna rabbit ears unless we put up a 30 - 40 foot tower on the house. We have a TV but ditched cable about 2 years ago. At first it was really hard for me. DH never really watched much TV so it wasn't hard for him.

We only get PBS with our rabbit ears. It really has been liberating. I have 2 small kids so I barely have time to watch anyway. My co-workers think I'm crazy and don't know how I live without it.

But when I hear them talking about how much time they spend in front of it and how much they pay for cable and DVR in every room it just amazes me. I still watch some TV. It's my one trashy, stupid TV show addiction. I don't know that I'd ever be able to go totally TV free but I don't know that I'll ever go back to having cable.

We beleive that people miss out on the more important parts of life like going outdoors or spending valubable time with family and friends. A Lakota proverb says, "When man leaves nature, he looses his soul. We agreed that a funny part of television is that people watch shows about getting back in shape and living an active lifestyle.

Although the people watching never actually life out what they invest so much time thinking about. If only people would jump on the stair stepper they can realize that most have televisions alreay exist on them. As for the men that sit on the couch and watch the tube all day, one thing is for certain.

Men need to get off the couch and getting a life. We know too many men that get home after work and act like they have to be on bedrest for the entire evening. Some of them even fall asleep and leave that black box on. It's wierd how we miss something that could care less about us. Try saying hi to your family and friends instead. If you don't subscribe to cable or dish or direct t. And before that I had rabbit ear t. I just couldn't get past going to friends or family who'd sit there and gripe about "pay so much for stinking t.

Maybe some day I will get a computer and internet so I can watch stuff that way. But for all I use a computer for, going to the library for a free internet hour here and there is so much easier. I have a tendency to get sucked into things. If there is a librarian telling me "Times up" its easier to get back into "living" lol. There's a breed of intellectuals that look down their noses at popular entertainment, especially television.

To the "stop blaming" commenter and there's always one of you - I have not read a single comment here that BLAMES television for society's evils.

We're simply expressing that we do better without it. You'd know that if you had read, oh, the blog post, or maybe even some of the comments. I read all the reply. That was how I came to my comment. Maybe it was you that you did not understand my comment well enough.

My story goes like this: I moved out with a roommate for the first time about a year and a half ago. I also didn't want to destroy the apartment trying to run the cable to the room we decided to put the TV set in.

A hand-me-down TV set and some bunny ears. That way I can catch the local news or rot my brain when I'm feeling peckish. Or watch a movie occasionally.

As the OP mentioned, it's great for your pocketbook and general well-being, but it sucks for your social life! TV controls my life. TV ruins my life. TV is the evil of all courses. TV is a machine. You are a human. Human controls the machine, not the other way. We, the human, have the power to turn off and turn on the TV. We, the human, have to power to make intelligent TV viewing decisions.

So STOP blaming machines for your miserable life. STOP blaming machines if you did have time to read or spent time with your children. If you did not read much books, it was you who made to decision to watch Television, not the TV. If you did not spend quality time with family members, it was you who wanted to watch Television, not the TV. We've scaled way back on television viewing ourselves. It has been a freeing experience because we do live by our own schedule now--not the T.

Our TV died a few months ago and we haven't bothered to replace it. It's funny how people keep offering us their old TVs when they find out we don't have one. We watch DVDs and things online using my laptop, including live video of both conventions and all the debates.

I don't miss TV at all, except we can't really have people over to watch a movie on a laptop. We'll probably get a new TV eventually but not cable again. Right before the kids were born. We use the Internet and Netflix, our kids have long attention spans and don't whine that they want what they see which they do when they go to a friend's house with tv. It's great not to have the influence. And I'm an addict. I've gotten to the point were the only time I watch Cable TV is when my mom is watching something and I sit down with her, or one of my favorite movies is on.

A lot of the commercials that I run across what little I watch TV, tend to be down right dirty, and questionable, in their content not including PBS of course.

Which is the major reason that I'e almost stopped watching TV completely. There are no televisions upstairs and i plan to keep it that way. The televisions are mostly there for my boyfriend and his 11 year old. There are one or two shows I like to see, but unless I have my wife or mother reminding me they are on every week, I can never remember. I had two major things happen to detach me from the TV. Grad school separated me from following sports for long enough that at the end of it there was not enough interest to start following again, the players had all changed.

As I was starting to watch again, as a single man, I felt it was a smarter move to get out there and do something. After another eight years of commitment first to extracurricular study and teaching, and another four years of ballroom dancing, I found it impossible to link my schedule to a TV schedule, and I found almost no patience for what I did find on TV. We have cable and a big screen TV, but mostly it hosts preschool friendly programming in this house.

TV has always been empty stimulation, but with the proportion of commercials now it is unwatchable. With as revenue that high they really should be paying viewers. A twist on this I do have TV and cable, but mostly for the people who rent from me. I actually did watch the debate last night and just cringed at the bits and bobs of ads, news networks and so on. I'd cut the cable, but the roommates watch that, so I take it out of their rent: My husband and I have been TV free for 19 years.

Our parents, or grandparents are not habitual of using the internet. For them, television is the only source they are comfortable with.

This is why, the life without television will be difficult for them. However, television can have a very bad influence on teenagers at times. Most teenagers have a tendency to follow the newest trends without realizing the possible consequences associated with it. Taking random decisions based on anything they see or get to know the first time is not ideally good.

This is why, sometimes it seems life without television is good. There are many channels which broadcast excellent educational programs. They can help students learn many beneficial things in an easy to understand way.

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Free Essay: Life without Television When my family’s only television set went to the repair shop the other day, my parents, my sister, and I thought we would.

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Life without television When my family’s only television set went to repair shop the other day, my parents,my sister, and I thought we would have terrible week. How could we get through the long evenings in such a quiet house? what would it be like without all the shows to keep us company? we soon realized, though, that I am living without television .

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Introduction: How would our life be without television? For us, a television is a medium of entertainment. Having said that, we have many other electronic entertainment sources these days. Advertisements: We have smartphones, tablets to play the smart apps, social networking sites, internet, YouTube, which help us connect with people, inform us . Feb 25,  · Life Without Television Essay Author's Note: This is the only essay assignment I had for my COM class (though I wish we could have had more of these and less of the single paragraph assignments), and from this point on all of my writing time will be focused on my reasearch paper since that is the last grade we will be receiving Author: Hundred Schools of Thought.

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Life Without Television Television, to some is the center of their lives. Most people, including myself, let television almost dictate their whole day s/5(1). LIFE WITHOUT TELEVISION When my family s only television set went to the repair shop the other day, my parents, my sister, and I thought we would have a.