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The Wizard Of Oz Movie Homework?

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❶His desire is to be given a heart as he believes that love is the most valuable possession of all.


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The Wizard of Oz Author: Penguin Group Dorothy was a simple and optimistic girl living with her adoptive parents. They lived in Kansas. Dorothy was a talkative child as she had a pet dog, Toto, whose eye twinkled upon the world of Dorothy.

After being caught in a tornado,Dorothy and Toto were accidentally brought to a country, the Land of Oz. Her story there starts with meeting The Witch of North. The witch tells Dorothy that her house has just landed on and killed the Witch of East. The Witch of North acquainted Dorothy with the Land of Oz, there were four witches, two of whom were good witches.

However, the witches who dwelt in the East and the West were wicked. She advises Dorothy to seek out the Great Wizard, Oz, who was living in the Emerald City to find a way back to her home. The first comrade they meet was the Scarecrow, who accompanies the Dorothy hoping to fulfill his ambition to have a brain instead of straw.

The next is the tin woodsman. His desire is to be given a heart as he believes that love is the most valuable possession of all. The last dreamer they encounter is the Lion, who wishes to visit the Emerald City in order to gain the bravery that he believes he lacks. Despite their poor self-image, each of the trio seems to already have what they claim to lack. The scarecrow shows a thoughtful nature on the long trip; the tin-man shows his tender nature and the lion performs acts of courage that the bravest creature would be proud of.

When they finally reached their destination, The Emerald City, Oz ironically refuses to fulfill their hopes. Instead, he gives the dreamers another choice, to help him to kill the Witch of the West as a deal. However, Dorothy was neither an evil nor wicked girl.

Unintentionally, the pure little girl kills the witch and took the Golden Hat, which has magical power, off from The Witch of West. When they arrive at the Emerald City again, a horrible truth dashes their hopes. They find that Oz is only a common man who came from the same world as Dorothy. He is neither a wizard nor a magician. In spite of this fact, the Oz claims his promises to the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman have been kept.

Dorothy suggests to each of them that the accompany her to see if the Wizard can help them. After a number of adventures, Dorothy, Toto, and the three odd friends reach the Emerald City, where all of the houses seem to be made of green marble and studded with emeralds. They make their requests of the wizard, who goes by the name of Oz.

The wizard refuses to grant their requests until they kill the Wicked Witch of the West, who rules the western people known as the Winkies. The adventurers travel to the west, and the Witch sends wolves, crows, bees, and her frightened Winkie subjects against them. Dorothy and her friends manage to defeat all of these adversaries, but the Witch finally uses a magic golden cap to send Winged Monkeys to destroy the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow and carry Dorothy and the lion to the witch as slaves.

In anger, Dorothy throws water on the witch and, as it happens, this melts the old woman. The grateful Winkies then find and repair the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow, and the lion is set free from his prison. After three days, the wizard offers to fly Dorothy back to Kansas with him in his old balloon. Unfortunately, Toto jumps after a kitten at the last moment, Dorothy runs after him, and the wizard and his balloon float away without her.

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Probability homework help science for students: Wizard of oz creative writing September 11, Uncategorized 0 Instagram needs a character limit. i seriously cannot handle another word essay on why an acquaintance's dad is cool. Aug 18,  · I need help answering these questions pleasee help meee! 1. Who exposes the Wizard as a fraud? What does the WIzard do and say when exposed? The Wizard Of Oz Movie Homework? I need help answering these questions pleasee help meee! 1. Who exposes the Wizard as a fraud? Report Abuse. Comment. Add a Resolved.