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A Visit to an Orphanage

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❶The children from different kinds of societies, regions and countries stay in orphanage.

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A journey to understand this world.

This experience will help me too and give me a chance to explore the horizons of society. I would be able to expand my world and learn about my own limits by which I can be worth in a society. This would also give me a chance to experience the life, the experiences and everything what those orphans have faced. It would take me to their world which surely would make me a person who would be sensitive and would see the world in a better way.

Thinking about volunteering and helping the needy people is one thing and helping in reality is a different world altogether. The expectations, the thoughts and the planning would help, but only to an extent as the things are totally different on paper and in actual.

Before I started volunteering my thought was that I would just go and teach computers to the children and they would simply learn things as it happens in the school.

Well, it did not happen this way. I was really shocked and amazed by the way things turned up. I never actually gave a thought that an orphanage is not a school and it is a different world where each child lives in his or her own mini world too. It is easy to deal with the children who came to orphanage when they were infants though, the children who came to orphanage after few years of start of their lives, it is really difficult and not a normal task.

They all carry some emotional baggage which may be because of their past memories or the things which have happened in their lives before. Teaching them straight is not the way it was expected. It was like a challenge standing in front of me to connect myself emotionally to them and be their friend, which will help them be comfortable with me and learn what I intend to teach them.

I needed to make a place for myself in their lives, their hearts and then have a connection which would act like a bridge between us. An orphanage is a place where happiness is not seen a lot of times. The children are emotionally unsecure and always look for solace through someone or something.

The children from different kinds of societies, regions and countries stay in orphanage. Again, this difference is inexistent in the children who came here when they were infants as whatever they learned has been through the orphanage only.

But, there are some children who are from various parts of the world and who have different cultures imbibed in them since birth which cannot be washed easily. What I have felt is that the language of words is not important if you wish to connect with the students. It has never been a problem to me as children connect through emotions rather than words.

Thus the language of feelings is more important than language of words. I have had experiences with teaching children who do not speak English, but still I was able to connect to them emotionally and helped them understand things which my language skills could not do.

Yes, there are some limitations because of the language barriers but both children and me put efforts together and surpassed this limitation. The orphanage is a mini world where you would find children of different religions, regions and some students do carry their past life with them, which inculcates different culture in them. I as a person did not pay attention to the differences but the similarities and the factors which joined us as a person.

This is the culture which I faced in the orphanage which I learned by seeing the children of different cast and creed joined by the hearts. I really felt happy that because of my volunteering and the thought of helping the society, I have seen different aspects of life and each day is a new experience for me. The organization which I have joined is the reason behind this chance which has changed my outlook towards the life.

It is a business group who has a huge volunteer group worldwide and helps the society by providing benefit options to the needy people. They are into this noble cause from past 25 years and have always been upfront to help the needy and serve the world. They have their supporters all over the world and people who volunteer are present in each major city in every country which is their actual power by which they stand tall.

They aim towards eradicating the geographical and religion differences in this world and helping the needy people by providing them with their needs. Since 25 years, they are putting complete efforts towards their goals and have achieved success each day to fulfill it. There are various projects running all over the world which help people in one way or the other.

The best part about this NGO is that they do believe everyone as a part of their family. Each volunteer is their family and no one is a boss. We all are family members who are out there to help people with equality among us.

This kind of environment has given each volunteer a sense of ownership and it enhances the dedication which we have and the motivation which makes us serve the society. I have always been thoughtful about overall development of the society and I think that if we need to make the world a better place to live in, we need to work from all of the directions so that no aspect of the world is left behind. In this world, there are three most important things which society needs to make the world a better place.

First is food, which is important to stay alive. Second is education which would uplift the minds of each individual and thus the world as a whole. Third and last would be health. Each person needs proper health and medical assistance from time to time.

There is nothing more important than being healthy; if you are not healthy, you cannot do anything else even if you intend to. They serve the people by not just one way of treating them and providing medical assistance.

They also provide education to the students who wish to become doctors, nurses and other medical technicians because it is very important to support the students who wish to help the needy and serve the people by providing them better health. Another very important aspect which the organization covers is the awareness and educating the society about health and medical issues.

As per various reports, there are many myths about different illnesses and medical conditions in the world. Moreover, many diseases are caused by the lack of knowledge and unawareness about some facts. Thus educating and guiding people is really important which helps people live a healthy lifestyle and save their good health for a long time.

A volunteer organization has a true aim to serve the society and provide a better life to people in the world. They started this Home with three children in their small house. When the number grew, they started collecting donations. Now the Home has long list of regular patrons. Anthony is a very noble, magnanimous and charitable person. He often invites his patrons and donors to visit the Home. Every year he sends a General Report of its functioning, expansion programmes and financial commitments etc.

The organisers have given their love to those homeless children. It gives them great pleasure to see them happy and satisfied. I often think of the kind-hearted affectionate couple who loved those poor children like real parents, and pray to God to keep them hale and hearty for many years to come. I will not waste money in buying cakes and arranging big parties to celebrate my birthday.

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An orphanage is a place where happiness is not seen a lot of times. The children are emotionally unsecure and always look for solace through someone or something. The children from different kinds of societies, regions and countries stay in orphanage.

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