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Cyber crime Essay

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❶Although certain governments do not view the problem seriously, developed countries like the U. They are organized and ordered properly to make a move.

Why is cyber security so important

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Information security risks can affect people individuals, organizations, families, and government institutions.

Companies face risks of cyber security, especially when attackers target employee and customer information. Many security layers ensure that computer systems are protected even if one security measure fails. Ensure that computers and devices that access the Internet are adequately protected Make IT Secure, What Is Network Security?

What is Information Security? Protect your identity, your personal information, and your identity. Boston College Type of paper: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Why is cyber security so important Numerous incidences of cyber security have attracted notable attention globally.

Most InfoSec firms create clean and minimal workstations for InfoSec analysts to concentrate on their job Putting workers closer to each other is also recommended to earnest the synergy of team work Staff normally work for long hours and take short breaks. Considering all the negative impacts it is becoming necessary to enforce legal sanctions on people or organizations that commit cyber crime. The most important step is to adopt legislations that define cyber crime, regulate and control the activities in cyber world in an effective way.

Although certain governments do not view the problem seriously, developed countries like the U. The Information Technology Act deals with various types of cyber crimes like unauthorized downloading, virus attacks, disruption, denial of access, interference with the service availed by a person, hacking and tampering with computer source documents. First of all, the ITA does not serve the desired purpose and only deals with e-commerce. Additionally it does not deal with issues like cyber harassment, cyber nuisance etc which can have harmful effects.

Another weakness of the ITA is that it is not comprehensive or exhaustive at the same time the definitions are not clear enough. There should be a uniform law in the world against cyber crime it is a worldwide issue. Along with other issues, universal jurisdiction is also a very important aspect of the problem as cyber crime is a universal concept. Although some countries do not view the problem as a global one, provisions enforced in other countries should be accepted.

As mentioned before, the International Technology Act focuses on e-commerce and does not deal with other types of cyber crimes. As a result it is necessary to raise a cyber army like Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of the Central Bureau of Investigation, which deals with various forms of cyber crime.

In developing countries like Turkey the laws against cyber crimes are not very effective although some authorities believe that the necessary action is taken. As relevant measures are not implemented by the Turkish Government the problem is getting worse everyday.

For example child porn is a very serious problem, which cannot be stopped without serious action. During the last months several child porn cases were reported by the TV channels in Turkey.

Another example is internet fraud which is very common in Turkey. Turkish people are not willing to use internet banking because they are afraid of fraud. As Turkish laws are not effective enough these problems are not resolved. Instead of dealing with these serious issues Turkish authorities put a ban on websites like Youtube.

In order to avoid cyber crime relevant legal measures should be taken through international cooperation. It is also important to build a control mechanism and develop a uniform law against it.

Although it is not possible to totally stop cyber crime there are steps that can be taken by countries and international organizations like the United Nations. Another important thing is to educate people about the cyber risks and tell them what their rights are.

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