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Culture Shock — What Is It

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❶The language barrier may become a major obstacle in creating new relationships: An example is language barriers, which can create anxiety.

Getting used to a new educational system

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To deal with it successfully, one has to be ready for it and think of the ways of changing the situation for the better. Culture shock is theoretically divided into 5 stages. They are reminiscent of the stages of grief and loss, and represent human way of getting used to dramatic changes. However, there are certain features, applicable only to this transition.

Each stage is characterized by certain symptoms along with the change of emotional state a person goes through. Usually, people tend to enjoy new experiences: However, later on excitement changes for despair: Local peculiarities have to turn into new routine. Then comes the next stage. Here comes realization that the honeymoon is over. Quite often this stage is accompanied by a number of physiological symptoms: Being firm in the decision to stay in the host country, one usually comes to the negotiation stage.

Asking questions about the new environment, comparing the answers they would give at home, a person eventually finds solutions to a number of problems that could have seemed fatal.

Culture Shock is the disorientation and change that is experienced after an international relocation. The change is always due to difference in weather, culture, language, customs, values, landscape, mode of dressing and food. You will feel as if you are in the wrong place; everything will appear abnormal and you will often find things hard to comprehend. Culture shock is not exclusive for international relocation.

Change of environment in for students and employees can also cause culture shock in most cases the productivity of the person is greatly reduced and they spend a lot of energy and time trying to get back on track or to get used to the new order of doing things. In most cases Culture Shock will appear like homesick to most people.

Although many people will have different signs of culture shock, it is never hard to tell that someone is suffering from culture shocks. The most common is that someone may look sickly. However, often for academic and other reasons you might be required to write a culture essay on other cultures around the world. This requires extensive study and research. The warning of not to be offensive to any culture in your write-up comes with the task.

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An American culture essay would sound like a piece of cake but in reality could be as challenging as any other essay especially because America is considered to be a young nation. It is also one of the most dominant and influential country. Therefore, it will be interesting to write an American culture essay because of its cultural presence in other nations.

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A True Culture Shock - The United States is a continent with a diverse existing population today; this country is known as a melting pot of different cultures, each one unique in its own respect.

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Mar 05,  · Introduction of your culture shock essay. First of all, you will have to define what culture shock is. Simply put, it is the term describing the feelings of people who spend longer periods of time abroad in a culture, which greatly differs from their own/5(50).

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Culture Shock essays When I moved to another country, I felt depressed and tired. Did only I feel these feelings or someone else felt same things? Were these feelings normal? Experts explain that culture shock is just feelings belong to people who move to another country. People who move. Culture Shock The following is an essay on an interview I conducted with a friend about culture shock, it is for the most part in her own words. I recorded the interview and then put her words to paper, some of the wording referring to culture shock and the different things such as ethnocentrism are my own words: My trip to Europe was an eye /5(9).

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Culture Shock is the effect that we suffer from having to relocate. The experience is different depending on individuals and depending on the location that they are moving to. The time that is taken by individuals before they settle is also a primary concern. Culture shock is the personal disorientation a person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country or to a move between social environments also a simple travel to another type of life.