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Childhood Development Essay

A Short Sample Essay on Why Play is Significant in Helping Children Learn and Understand Life

❶He looks up at his mother to see what she is doing and pushes the car toward her. Describe the nonverbal communication between the infant and other individuals.

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Sample Observation of a 12-Month-Old Boy
20 Child Development Research Paper Topics

Dominant genes will emerge each time they are present. A recessive gene will only appear when paired with another recessive gene Coon These genes make each person unique. They determine what color hair and eyes you will have, your body type, and possible even your personality. A problem can take place in any pregnancy. Such problems can be caused by fate or by fault.

These defects can result in a number of diseases. Cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, and sickle-cell anemia are examples of this type of abnormalities Shelov It can be said that genetics is all a roll of the dice. Fortunately, through modern science, many of these defects can be diagnosed through prenatal testing. The invention and use of the ultrasound has made obstetrics a more precise science pregnancy a much less worrisome experience. In fact, ultrasounds have become so common that they are now used in ninety percent of pregnancies today.

It is so common because it allows visualization of the fetus without the hazards of x-ray. Ultrasound works through the use of sound waves. Sound waves are bounced off internal structures and can be viewed with a TV-like viewing screen. Often, developmental stages are defined by milestones.

A milestone is a sort of marker that tells you where you are while traveling. The term is drawn from literal stone markers that were used to mark the passage of each mile on early roads. Today, the term milestone is used more figuratively, to indicate that a developmental stage has been achieved.

Often, special milestones mark children's accomplishments, such as walking in infancy and entering school in early childhood, and these milestones can help mark children's movement inside and between developmental stages. Children build new skills and developments on top of old skills and developments from stage to stage; each stage is cumulative.

A child is able to run bases in a game of baseball in the middle childhood phase because she was first able to walk near the end of her infancy stage. Entry and exit from the various developmental stages tends to occur at particular ages. Often, a child's stage of development can be figured out by a child's age because children generally experience the same stages at the same ages.

Climbing monkey bars would allow their body to build strength and muscle. Sport activities, that involve groups, would help them understand coordination. Primary motor skills, such as running, pedaling, throwing etc.

Fine motor skills, however, also start taking place at the age of 3, if the child is consistently being playful.

Physical play can also allow children to understand what stress and crankiness is. Your child likes to remain fit, which is why he demands a little physical play almost every hour or so after the age of 3. It may also cause the child to gain weight unhealthy. This play is so important that it helps them overcome mental challenges too. This helps children overcome fear, and makes them independent. Play also helps in creating independence and ingenuity in children.

Believe it or not, but research has shown that adults who have been more playful in their childhood, did better at school, at sports, jobs and pretty much everything. These are the benefits that a child attains from play, which is why introducing playful habits and activities to a newborn child is very significant to improve child development. Since now you have read our first guide i. A Focus on Typical Development.

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Keywords: early childhood development, essay on early childhood. Child Development. A child’s development is the process of growth of a child to teenage years, from dependency to increase independence. The early years of a child's life is essential for cognitive, social and emotional developments (Leo 3).

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The child development essay has a good introduction that clearly sets out what the two opposing opinions are (this is done by paraphrasing the question). The thesis sentence (last sentence of the introduction) then clearly states what will be in the essay - a discussion of the two opinions.

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- Child Care Services, that include first, custodial services concerning health, hygiene and safety of children, second, child development services covering socialization, language skill and personality . Reflections on Child Development This semester in Child Development has helped me a great deal. I came into this class wanting to be a Child Development teacher at the high school level. I am leaving this class with the same ambition to become a Child Development teacher.

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Child Development Essay A child’s development is the process of growth of a child to teenage years, from dependency to increase independence. Parents should take every step necessary to ensure that children grow up in environments where their social, emotional and educational needs are met. My term paper I researched early child development and the brain- the base for health, learning, and the behavior of children. A child's early years are critically important for they provide the foundation for the rest of their life, as an adolescent, and as an adult. Children who are well nurtured 3/5(18).