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❶The banking angle for just how diverse the u. You always do everything fast even if you have difficult tasks.

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The affordable price and quality are their advant A good shop vac with a long hose. Detailing attachments for the shop Vac.

Various other cleaning tools and supplies. You only need to spend a few hundred dollars to get this business started.

Most items I used are pictured above. Below is a video I made for my detailing business website in A Car Detailing business is a great entrepreneur idea for college students. Your material expenses are minimal and if you are a mobile detailer your overhead will be very little. Computer repair businesses are dirt cheap to start and pretty easy to get into. I started out fixing computers for my professors and before long the word spread. You'll want to print off business cards and flyers.

Take a walk through some nice looking neighborhoods and drop flyers off at each doorstep. Include a few testimonials about your business.

Make sure to include your website address so they can find more information about you. Set up a website cheaply and easily using WordPress and Bluehost. It's good to have your own computer to take with you to appointments. Often times you'll need to save information from a customers harddrive that their computer can't read. This converter tool allows you to remove the harddrive and hook it up to another computer's USB port.

Often times you'll need to recover passwords and re-install programs for customers. You'll have to purchase software from time to time.

If you are good with computers, fixing them is a great entrepreneur idea for college students. Just make sure to be polite, courteous, and helpful to your customers. Don't speak the typical geek computer lingo. Explain everything to your customer in laymen terms. They will be very glad you did. Don't forget to take your shoes off at the door and to write a thank you note to your customers!

You may be in an organization, Greek House, or planning committee that will need to order shirts. In addition to what you are involved in, there probably are all sorts of campus organizations that order shirts on a regular basis.

You may be thinking you need to go get a printing press and all sorts of printing supplies. But I wouldn't recommend it. I bought my own equipment, printed out of a garage, and had many long nights getting t-shirt orders out. I wouldn't waste your time or money buying equipment. I would outsource screen printing from day one.

Here's what you'll need to get started outsourcing your t-shirt business. Screen printing is a frustrating and tedious task. You always need to buy new materials and equipment. Outsourcing allows you to be the middle man, but you can still easily compete with other printers. Not to mention, the only time involved is doing sales, marketing, and putting in orders. Get an account with a shirt supplier. You'll order shirts from the supplier and have them shipped to the printer.

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