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Simple Living High Thinking

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❶Inner peace and happiness can only be found if we lead a simple life and have a high thinking that inspires us to do good for others.

Long and Short Essay on Simple Living High Thinking in English

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Every act of man costs time and energy. Time spent in accumulating wealth is not available for cultivating the mind by reading or contemplation.

What is our life, but the sum total of hours, days and years? Time once gone cannot be recalled. It is up to man to put it to any use he likes. It is a common spectacle to see even very well- meaning people spending major part of their life in earning money.

Many of them admit that money is a means to an end but they want to accumulate plenty of it so that they do not feel the want of it in their old age.

Quite often this foresight extends to the likely requirement of their coming generations too who, they feel, must be secured against any unforeseen contingency of misfortune and must have sufficient resources in the form of accumulated wealth and immovable property to fall back upon.

In the process, they neglect imparting proper education and values to their children who more often than not squander the hardearned wealth of their fathers. Life should be lived to the utmost from moment to moment in the light of one's belief. Living should not be postponed even during youth in the hope of a better old age. Those preoccupied with the acquisition of material possessions find little time for the disinterested contemplation of beauties of nature.

It is only a man fond of simple pleasures of life that would live in the countryside and feast on the beauties of rivers, lakes, roads and mountains. Such a man not only finds a diversion in the company of nature from the hurries and worries of city life, but very often commemorates his experiences of natural sights and sounds in immortal verse which consoles and inspires generations of sensitive readers.

Thus we come across two great poetic minds of the Romantic era, Wordsworth and Coleridge, paying a prolonged visit to the lake Districts of England and collaborating to produce lyrical ballads in which heralded the birth of Romantic Poetry in English literature. The urgency of following the adage 'Simple Living and High Thinking' has never been so evident as in the world of today when man has started drawing upon his scarce capital of environmental resources and the spectre of environmental degradation looms large in the immediate future.

If he is to survive and grow, he must slow down the rate of exploitation of waters of the rivers which sustain his agriculture and the plants in the forest which supply the building material and furniture for his luxurious life-style. He has to rein in his uncontrolled desires for lavish food, stylish clothes and cozy apartments because as Gandhi said, 'Nature has plenty to satisfy man's needs but not his greed'.

These personalities led unsophisticated lives. Yet they became the idols of people as philosopher poets and leaders. They emancipated the thinking and living of common people with their strong conviction of truth, love for human beings, good of society and led the people to great deeds and achievements not only in the spiritual fields but also worldly affairs. Your email address will not be published.

Download 26 Educational Android Apps. About Vision Website Inauguration Function. Simple Living and High Thinking Great men f the world has always preached that simple living and high thinking should be the golden principle of life.

It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge. When you lead a simple life, you require bare minimal to stay content. When you do not have numerous loans running for different things, you feel more confident. You no longer need to immerse yourself in work to earn more and more to pay off your loans and bills. You have a greater sense of control over your life.

You are no longer under constant pressure to earn more than your siblings, friends and neighbours. You no longer want a bigger house, bigger car or greater bank balance to feel good about yourself. The stress caused due to this constant pressure will all be gone when you chose to lead a simple life. You will no longer toil too hard in your office to get to the top. This is because your wants would be limited and your needs can be met even if you are earning fairly well and not too much.

You will thus be able to get home on time and spend time with your family. This will help create work life balance. While many people continue to thrive for a lavish life many have turned towards leading a simple life after seeing the dreadful consequences of the former. It is time we must recognize that we should live for ourselves and not for impressing others. We must understand that happiness can only be found within and not in the outside things.

Inner peace and happiness can only be found if we lead a simple life and have a high thinking that inspires us to do good for others. Simple living and high thinking must be the motto of life of each one of us. However, people these days prefer leading a luxurious life with their thinking restricted only to things that can fetch them worldly pleasures. Mahatma Gandhi is one of the best persons to exemplify this proverb.

He led a simple life and dreamed big. His lifestyle was extremely simple but his thinking was high. He did not only work towards driving the British out of the country but inspired several others around him to support the cause. Buddha was a king who had numerous servants available at his beck and call.

He had a loving family and all the luxuries of life. But he left all these to lead a simple life in the jungles. He could concentrate, look within and think high only when he began to lead a simple life. Had he stayed in the palace and led the life of luxury, he would never have attained enlightenment.

American President, Abraham Lincoln who could afford all the luxuries of life and live lavishly chose to adopt a simple lifestyle. He did not employ any servant to take care of any of his tasks. He did all his personal tasks on his own. The first and foremost thing to do is to distinguish between your needs and wants. Remember your needs are limited but wants unlimited.

In order to lead a simple life you must only keep the things of necessity and not run after acquiring and attaining every materialistic desire. We all look for happiness outside. We try to socialise, go to malls, try different cuisines, do unnecessary shopping and indulge in several such activities. To live a simple and fulfilling life you must focus within.

You are not born to impress others. Your life will not get any better if you continue to look for ways to impress other people. Your life will be fulfilling when you focus on yourself and not others. Instead of spending lavishly to show off you should indulge in charity. This does not mean you have to donate a huge sum each month.

Do whatever little you can to help the poor and needy.

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Here simple living is in relation to maintenance of the body, and high thinking is in relation to the aim of one’s intellectual pursuits. In order to exist in this world it is necessary to maintain one’s bodily existence, but as ill be shown in later lessons, maintenance of the body is not progress towards the goal of life.

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Simple living and high thinking allows one to be happy. However, this is debatable. However, this is debatable. There are some who opine that simple living and high thinking are not desirable.

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Simple Living High Thinking Essay 4 ( words) Introduction. Simple living and high thinking must be the motto of life of each one of us. However, people these days prefer leading a luxurious life with their thinking restricted only to things that can fetch them worldly pleasures. "Simple Living High Thinking" Essays and Research Papers Simple Living High Thinking life by perfecting his spiritual inquiry, he must adopt a life style that is conducive to the .

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The adage, "Simple Living and High Thinking", implies that cultivation of mind is compatible only with a simple and austere style of living. In other words, an austere mode of life is more conducive to higher reaches of thought and con¬templation. Simple living and high thinking is a way of life. It indicates that one should devote one’s life to the pursuit of knowledge and culture instead of bothering about high standard of living. Simple living signifies that one should acquire or .