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Primary homework help ancient greece visa

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❶In Athens, Greek styles of art, architecture, philosophy and theatre were developed. People started going to the theatre in Athens.

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Primary homework help ancient greece visa
Who were the Ancient Greeks?
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Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. Democracy was invented by the Greeks — it began in Athens. The Battle of Marathon took place, and the Greeks defeated the Persians. The Greeks defeated the Persians again at the Battle of Salamis. People started going to the theatre in Athens. The Pantheon was completed in Athens. The Peloponnesian War took place between Sparta and Athens.

Alexander the Great lived during this time. The Romans took control of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in the Battle of Actuim, which Alexander the Great had set up in BC — the capital was Alexandria in Egypt; it marked the end of what had been a large Greek society, and it also marked the beginning of the Roman Empire.

The last Ancient Greek Olympic games were held. Our alphabet was developed using some of the alphabet that the Ancient Greeks used. Ancient Greece was made up of city-states — these were cities that had made their own laws. The first Olympic games were held in BC, and then every four years after that in honour of the god Zeus. Winners would get a crown of olive branches instead of a gold medal. Each city-state in Athens held a games event — the one called the Olympics was held in the city-state of Olympia.

The Greeks had many different kinds of pots that they used for different things: For instance, on little pots that children would use, there might be pictures of toys. Greek homes had many different rooms, all built around a courtyard in the middle. Many Greeks wore chitons , which were loose tunics that were draped and pinned around shoulders. Sometimes they had belts around them too.

Some of the words we say in English have parts of Greek words in them, such as television, hygiene, atmosphere and character. The Ancient Greeks were the first to have theatres , where people would put on plays. They could be funny comedies or sad tragedies. If you wanted to find out everything that was happening in your city-state in Ancient Greece, the place to go was the agora.

This was the marketplace, where people sold things, so everyone went there to buy food or meet friends. Can you find the following in the gallery below? Some of the most well-known city-states are: Athens — Athens is the most famous city-state, and it is the capital of Greece today.

In ancient times, Athens was the capital of culture — great thinkers, mathematicians, scientists and actors lived there. They were also a democracy, meaning the citizens decided among themselves how to govern the city-state. The final decision would be whatever the majority of people wanted.

Athens also started using juries made up of Athenian citizens to try people who were suspected of committing crimes — the juries decided if someone were guilty or not. We also use juries today in Britain. Sparta — Sparta was governed through an oligarchy, which meant that a small group of people were in charge. These people were in charge of the military, and being physically fit and a good soldier was the most important thing for Spartan men. Women in Sparta were also taught how to fight and keep fit, and they wanted to have sons who would grow to be good soldiers.

Boys were taken from their families when they were just seven years old and trained for a life in the military. Because of this, Spartan warriors were the best in Greece, but it was not a city of culture like Athens or Corinth. Corinth — Corinth was ruled by a king, so their government was a monarchy. It was located by the sea and had a good harbour, so it prospered through trade. They also had very good artists, and all boys were taught maths, science, music and literature.

Paint your own Greek pot If you were asked to build a temple for the goddess Athena, how would you design it? Find out about the different lives of Greek citizens The justice system in Athens How the city of Mytilene was punished by Athens: See a collection of Greek artefacts, including vases, at the British Museum. See an Ancient Greek child's doll Take a virtual tour around Ancient Athens Look at the columns on stone buildings you pass by during the day.

Ancient Greece was split into many different states, each one was ruled in its own way. Each state had its own laws, government and money but they shared the same language and religion. The two most important city states were Athens and Sparta. The influence of the Ancient Greeks are still felt by us today.

The major impact in our lives today are in the arts, in philosophy, and in science, math, literature and politics. Democracy The word 'democracy' is Greek. It means 'government by the people. We have a form of democracy in Britain, and this is a legacy of the Athenians and their assemblies and councils. Theatre The word 'theatre' is Greek. Most modern theatres follow the Greek plan.

Building styles Architecture Throughout the world, buildings have been constructed in the style of Ancient Greece.

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The Ancient Greece empire spread over Europe as far as France in the East. The Greek Empire was most powerful between BC and BC. The ancient Greeks developed new ideas for government, science, philosophy, religion, and art. Ancient Greece was split into many different states, each one was ruled in its own way.

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Food in Ancient Greece consisted of grains, wheat, barley, fruit, vegetables, breads, and cake. The Ancient Greeks grew olives, grapes, figs and wheat and kept goats, for milk and cheese. They ate lots of bread, beans and olives.

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Who were the Ancient Greeks? Greece is a country in Europe, but people have been living in that area for a very long time. The people who were living there thousands of years ago are called the Ancient Greeks, and a lot of things they did help to make up our society today. Primary homework help ancient greece pdf. September 13, By. Mahler got over bonding pretty quickly. Dr faustus tragic hero essay august global regents thematic essays action plan whole foods essays on education homework help statistics students future ralph waldo emerson essays first series pdf file assignment writers uk lab health.