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Political Ideologies Essay Sample

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❶Heinemann Wilson, K et al, Social Work: Political Science Themes Issues and.

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Political Ideologies Essay Sample
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The next quiz was an ideology quiz. This quiz told me that I also tended towards the conservative side. I apparently also would like to see order in society instead of equality. These two tests showed similar results in that both said I was more closely related to a conservative than a liberal.

The majority of people who take the quiz, The ideology quiz stated that the average of all those who take this quiz are liberal as well. After reading information about the two different classifications and taking these quizzes I do believe that they are accurate about my views and feelings towards government intervention and planned versus free economies. Hopefully people in the world are strong enough today to realize what opinions they have and what they believe is right or wrong without being classified bye a name.

I would bet that some of the public chooses one side or the other based on what those before them have done. However, for myself whether I am conservative or liberal I will stick to my opinions and beliefs and people can call me what they wish. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Political Ideology specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Finally, the author is asked to explain how transitioning economies are moving towards market-based systems.

Questions Answered As for why there are different political systems in different countries, the reasons depend on the actual situation at hand.

The system in place in the United States fairly closely matches the way things were set up at its inception and a lot of that was based on escape from brutal government rule…… [Read More]. Ideology in the News Ideology vs Discourse.

Ideology in the News Ideology vs. Discourse on Affirmative Action The fact that ideology is first based on society and politics in today's media is fairly easy to understand. The role of the journalist is to suspend their viewpoint and remain autonomous in constructing the angle offered by the story.

Though most media news outlets newspapers, journals, magazines and such claim that the viewpoint of the journalist reporting is unbiased, this will depend on how the information is presented. Ideologies are defined as a system of thinking that is the basis of society's interpretation of news presented by groups or individuals. The following discussion will discuss the role of how journalists from the New York Times, ashington Post, American Prospect, and examples from other leading news publications construct ideology and discourse to present news.

Ideology and U S Foreign Relations. McKinley, according to Herring was the first "modern commander. His goals consisted of eliminating Spain from the Western Hemisphere, keeping rebel forces in Cuba and the Philippines at arm's length to ensure "maximum U. It seems that America had a sense that every other nation was and is today like itself in its imperialistic attitudes and goals.

The pursuit of self-interest, especially when it comes to money and power, was used as a means not simply to judge people but to judge nations as well. A hierarchy of nations emerged when the world was seen through the lenses of early American foreign-policy-makers Colorado Edu Ideology Philosophy Impacts on Approaches to.

Within this framework the learner is a seeker of knowledge on the conceptual and theoretical base and the teacher is the expert which transmits knowledge. The Progressive view holds that transmission of cultural and societal structure is the path to promoting change on a social level therefore the provision of practice knowledge and skills for problem-solving are necessary if society is to be reformed.

From this view the learner needs, interests and experiences are primary factors in learning and the teacher is the organizer and learning experience guide, instigator and evaluator. The Humanistic philosophy holds that development of those who are open to change and ongoing learning and enhancing the personal growth and development of these individual is the path to societal reform. From this view the…… [Read More].

Political Boundaries and Conflicts Boundaries. Conflicts are not regarded as the right way of solving disputes between nations or communities. As such, boundary conflicts have not been governing any chance to exist within the society. These conflicts reiterate the need for the United Nations to explore on the natural boundary existence between various nations Tucker and Priscilla Though boundary politics results in wars and conflicts, they are potent towards the existence and preservation of sovereignty between nations.

Because of the recurrence of political boundary conflicts, many nations have resorted to signing treaties indicating a separation and boundaries relating to political movements. Politics, being the higher agent of political boundary wars, should be subjected to scrutiny and study. This will help recover rightful ways of separating between politics and boundaries between nations and communities. Political ealignment Curse a Are we in the midst of a political realignment in America?

Political realignment is an aspect, which is in evitable in America. It is evident that the political scenes in America today are changing from one state to the other. It is clear across the nation that realignment is not only bringing significant changes in the political scenes, but the changes are evident and are affecting the social and economic circles too.

The big picture in political circles in America is that of minority parties rising up to become the most influential across the board. On the other hand, people in the majority parties have to stir up their confidence to catch up with the completion.

Political Economic and Social Environment. Committee on Public Education and Professional Practice, the conclusion of the Council states that " Specific recommendations of the Council are those as follows: Ideology and Utopia Central Concept. In this paper, he discusses the role of culturel in relation to the present age of "barbarism. By this he implies that the age that produces barbaric events can no longer act as if their cultural products or creations are exempt from the responsibility for these events.

Therefore, to assume that one can continue to write poetry and engage in other cultural activities is "impossible. In other words, Adorno in this article draws our attention to the underlying "forces" that exist in Western…… [Read More].

Political Science the Concept of. There was once a time when Greeks, for example, prided themselves over their national identity which was obviously based on the piece of land that Greeks occupied. However with the passage of time, this piece of land is losing its significance. Land is still important for other reasons but it is no longer the factor that sets one group of people apart from another. This is an interesting development and one that explains why geography is gradually becoming history.

Everywhere nation-states are dying and this death has contributed to rapid decline in the significance of geographical demarcations. We can blame the information age as well as globalization for this change.

West is now better known for its identity as westerns rather than as North Americans or Europeans. This is due to the fact…… [Read More]. Political Science Themes Issues and. He commonly regales his backers with strong, repetitive phrases that carry a sermon-like quality of affirmation: The musical group, the lack Eyed Peas recorded as song entitled "Yes We Can," that contains words from Obama's speeches as lyrics, and provides a powerful musical beat to his campaign while giving it the cachet of popular culture.

The media's love affair with arack Obama recently became a theme of the Clinton campaign when, beginning at the Texas debate, Hillary Clinton drew attention to a Saturday Night Live skit in which, during a simulated debate, arack Obama was offered a pillow to make him comfortable rather than asked the hardball questions that were hurled at his opponent.

The televised lampoon of…… [Read More]. Political Science Comparison of Leadership. By cultivating these believes and following these rules one could hope to produce a society that was perfectly ordered and self-perpetuating. The Confucian ideal of leadership has endured today among many, not only in China, but in many parts of East Asia, and has even attracted followers in the West, for it addresses the issue of responsibility as a metaphor for virtue and harmony.

Far less idealistic were the ideas of the enaissance thinker, Niccolo Machiavelli. Machiavelli lived in Italy at a time when its various princes were contending for power. The region was riven by war and…… [Read More]. Conservative Republican and Democrat Ideologies in America. Conservative Republican and Democrat Ideologies In America, Republicans and Democrats are largely divided between a host of different issues. Part of the reason for this is based on political ideology, as balancing the needs of business and protecting the general public will often come into conflict with one another.

In Dane County, the situation is no different, with both parties creating similar divides among the electorate. A good example of this can be seen by looking no further than, the Comprehensive Planning Survey. This found that residents wanted to see the government play a balanced role between the needs of business and the public.

As there were a number of different elements that were identified as the most important part of the government's role to residents these include: This is important, because many of…… [Read More]. The relationship between these two crucial elements of society -- religion and politics -- has at times been in accordance with one another, and other times dangerously at odds with each other.

Today there is a degree of tolerance and temperance between these two aspects of ussian life that have served to produce a great deal of friction throughout the country previously. During the period of Czarist ussia, which concluded in , politics exerted a great deal of influence over religion. With the Czars governing the country, ussian Orthodoxy was essentially the only religion supported by the state. Despite the fact that this religion was prevalent throughout the country well before the…… [Read More].

Democracy and Politics From Palmer's perspective, the confessions made by an accidental citizen bring to light a different definition of the word citizenship. This new definition eliminates the politics ascribed to having citizenship and demands for individuals to embrace their membership to "a vast community of human and nonhuman beings" and by being in the world rooted in the knowledge, I depend on it for essentials.

Hence, I must celebrate, affirm, and express gratitude toward that community in all aspects of life, and try being responsive to its every need. As such, my immediate self-interests are set aside to allow for the success of my community's vision and goal. The goal of true citizenship entails uniting together for a common goal and pulling resources that contribute to attaining solutions that are beneficial to all citizens of a given community, state, and or country Palmer Palmer also contributes to the…… [Read More].

Cinema and American Politics will address the relationship between film and politics in the U. The modern politics of the U. While political science is a field in which the dynamics of political discourse may be examined more directly, an analysis of the cinematic representation of American politics as depicted in film can provide an alternative assessment of the life of U. For instance, Spielberg's Lincoln and his recent Bridge of Spies are two films that celebrate some aspect of the American political ideal such as freedom, unity, integrity,…… [Read More].

Most of outh America's former colonies gained independence in the early s. Brazil and Argentina are no exceptions, to this, with the difference being that in the case of Brazil the revolution which led to independence was not as bloody as that of many of its neighbors. With the passage of time, these two nations came to dominate the politics of outh America, "in part due to strong personality-driven leadership by individuals" Ferre, Both men took power when their countries were suffering from recession, unemployment and economic hardship.

Although one of them, Peron, was a general and the other a civilian,…… [Read More]. The concept of "community development also needs to be reexamined and "reinvented," Burkett insists That is because in the past, community development meant a orld Bank investment…… [Read More].

Political Sociology Pluralism Represents in. Behind such men and behind the events of history, linking the two, are the major institutions…… [Read More]. Political Psychology Has Always Been.

A change of leadership and divisive social forces might pressure such hatreds into re-erupting, but these hatreds are still historical 'products. A diffusion of responsibility during the action such as a war or a collective lynching can be a facilitating factor, but the social and historical context must be acknowledged.

An authority that validates the atrocity, as in the case of Hitler or Milosevic can legitimize terror, but the people's responsiveness to that figure has its roots in culture and collective psychology. Furthermore, distance from authority can also create a sense of validation -- although lynching was never part of the official justice system of the South, it was obvious that the authorities were willing to ignore lynchings, provided they was done under the cover of night. The repercussions for protecting African-Americans and treating…… [Read More].

In order to properly understand this theme, one must be familiar with the German philosopher Hegel -- who cast a wide influence over the realm of ideology in general, and on German ideology in particularly. Specifically, Marx compares the notions of the Young Hegel movement with that from the Old or the traditional Hegel movement. It is critical to note that within Germany as is the case with much of Europe Hegel's conception of ideology is so supreme that it polarizes the aforementioned groups -- the latter of which tends to view the facts that he disseminates as noxious, whereas the former views those facts as worthy of praise.

As such, the principle theme driving these readings is the deconstruction of what Marx perceives…… [Read More]. Political Science Foreign Policy Theory. Inteestingly enough, it can be obseved that the usage of books as souces of mateial is elatively educed in both aticles. Afte a seies of analyses, Paul Conish comes to the conclusion that, despite the temendous intenational movements and advances, the secuity policy of the Euopean Union emains unclea.

The main easons fo this uncetainty ae given pimaily by the difficultly in pedicting the county's subjection to any militay theats, the changing shape and size of the Euopean Union o the opaque inteests of the fomation.

What does howeve impove the stand is the adheence of the EU membe states to NATO, which emains the most cedible secuity oganization acoss the globe. Given this situation, the political appoach of the oveall Euopean continent to secuity issues seems to be mostly influenced by NATO, athe than the Westen Euopean Union o the Euopean Union.

This context led to a situation in…… [Read More]. Political Economy of Television it. Among the various prime-time offerings there is a hospital drama, ER, which happens to be one of that network's longest-running dramas and focuses on an emergency room in an urban area.

Furthermore, not only does ER feature many non-white cast members, but it portrays minorities in positions of power. It features African-American, Indian, Croatian, and lesbian doctors.

In fact, one of the more recent storylines centered on an interracial romantic relationship. Obviously, this program is not geared to appeal towards only white upper-class Americans. On another night, the main prime-time drama centers on a medium that helps solve crimes. Although the medium is portrayed by a white woman, and comes from an upper-middle class background, her boss is Hispanic.

The comedies offered by the network also fail to show a white upper-middle class heterosexual dominance. These individuals, their beliefs, their principles were extremely influential in better understanding the origins, history, and leaders of American conservatism.

Momentous events shape the psyche of an individual as the person matures. A child grows up in poverty vows to never be like his parents, and keeps this inner vow to become a millionaire. A young woman experiences sexual trauma as a teen, and chooses a career that…… [Read More]. Socialism is a highly charged issue in any capitalistic culture as a lack of general understanding of the term and the fragmentation of its application over the years has led many to equate it with both despotism and social degeneration through lack of personal control over the means of production.

To many capitalist thinkers socialism holds back the progress of any one individual and therefore any culture that accepts it through the seeming lack of upward mobility available to those who practice socialism in a broad way.

Socialism, generally defines is: The general term for the political and economic theory that advocates a system of collective or government ownership and management of the means of production and distribution of goods. Because of the collective nature of socialism, it is to be contrasted to the doctrine of the sanctity of private property that characterizes capitalism.

What does it mean in Marx? Marx's writings and philosophies extend through various disciplines of history, economics, political science, literature, philosophy, political economy, sociology and even - arguably - mathematics. There are several common strings throughout his writings, many of which we have explored this semester, but a constant beacon, a constant guideline, is Marx's concept of historical materialism. In historical materialism, economics is key.

Economics has always motivated people through history, and can be isolated as an independent force, separate from the religious or ideological. For Marx, social necessity is uniform: What differs among men is economic power, ability and desire. One gets what one deserves, and in the ideological or religious, this is not necessarily the case, but in the economic, it certainly is, or at least should be. Political Design and Today. People In , President Abraham Lincoln delivered a brief but stirring speech while the country was in the process of tearing itself apart in a civil war.

During that speech President Lincoln stated a phrase that has helped to capture what democracy means. Lincoln told the audience that had gathered to dedicate a soldier's cemetery that the government that had been formed "of the people, by the people, for the people" would not "perish from the earth. The fact that the United States has remained in existence for more than years does not necessarily mean that the ideals Lincoln spoke of are in existence today.

In fact, many would argue that the concepts Lincoln captured in his…… [Read More]. Art "Howl" and "Guernica" Outline The paper demonstrates the ways in which both pieces of art contemplate and express multiple themes, including those of religion, morality, happiness, life-affirmation, and freedom.

Ginserb, the s, and "Howl" He composed the poem in the middle of the s, one of the greatest decades in history for mainstream America. He is heavily influenced by previous poets and by his own lived experiences. Howl" shows readers how they can be connected to spirituality, religion, and what is sarcred or holy with, and without the use of the formal church.

Howling, Expression, and Jazz A. If we are howling,…… [Read More]. Compromise and the Political Process. Political Compromise Compromise and Politics Public choice should be at the forefront of any politician's minds when compromising. However, many people working in politics recognize they are motivated by self-interests and personal ideologies as much as anyone else; however, compromise may not always occur in an atmosphere where political leaders place personal ethical beliefs over the need to govern through compromise.

Glaser notes that often the needs of the majority can become the wants and desire of the minority if a savvy politician has the ability to redirect attitudes and frame ideologies in a beneficial manner.

However, in today's heated political arena, often "compromise" entails putting one's personal ideologies in place instead of the needs and wants of voters.

To need to implement…… [Read More]. Political Legitimacy and the Nature of Authority Throughout History From the origins of civilization to the middle of the seventeenth century, the nature of authority does change -- but it typically changes according to the demands of the individual society. In ancient times, authority is based on a number of factors, such as military might in ome, Greece, Persia ; but religious beliefs also play a part the Greeks were very devoted to the gods and goddesses, for instance ; and so too does the political process in ome, they refused to have kings for a time and in Athens, political authority lay in the democratic process Haaren, Poland, In the medieval age, authority is based on the combination of reason and faith and the assent of kings to the oman Pontiff to allow the Church to have a say in the governance of Christendom, after Constantine allowed Christianity to come…… [Read More].

Libertarians and the Federal Government. When I read these papers I realized that the way our country works today was really shaped by events back then during the days of the founding of the country's constitution.

I used to be a Constitutionalist and identify with the libertarians led by on Paul, who pushes to uphold the Constitution. But after reading the Anti-Federalist Papers, I realized that the Constitution itself was never really a good thing: The Anti-Federalists viewed this as a violation of the freedom and autonomy they had just won from England in the evolutionary War Brutus No.

If the…… [Read More]. Industry and Ideology in Germany. Nation, Industrialization and Ideology For the U. Industrialization enabled the concept of nationhood to be made possible. Once America had reached the West Coast, it began to look overseas and used its doctrine of Manifest Destiny to spread its influence into Asia with the Spanish-American War. Industrialization gave the U. Political Science As nations move away from a bureaucratic approached to building government t monoliths, the course of political leaders has been termed "creating a more responsive government.

Responsive government must become a reality in a world in which citizens have instant access to information and influence which in the past was open to only a select few. Responsive government is an systemic approach which must be addressed by all types of governments, whether democratic, socialist, or modern hybrid. Robert Dahl says that a paradox often exists in the execution of government services.

Although a majority of citizens in most democratic countries may view participating in political life as neither urgent nor rewarding, overwhelming majorities of citizens do value the rights and opportunities their democratic system of government provides to…… [Read More]. Stimulus Bill Political Communication Political Communication during the Stimulus Bill Debate In times of economic uncertainty and national emergency, the government has the capacity to make decisions that it believes will aid the country in its time of need.

Such a time of need occurred in when the country continued to face an existence of dire economic circumstances involving national cash-flow and jobs. In order to set economic recovery into motion, President Obama called for the passing of the American ecovery and einvestment Act of AA , otherwise regarded as the stimulus bill.

While such a bill was considered pivotal by many government officials in order to get the country back on its feet, crucial differences in policy and bill structure could be viewed in assessing the opinions Democrats and epublicans brought to the floor in terms of the bill's passing.

In understanding the basis of the bill itself,…… [Read More]. Political Framing In politics, it is advisable to apply a plethora of strategies all geared towards realizing triumph against the rivaling camp. The dominating camp and its rival camp apply various viscosities meant to injure the rivals politically. Most campaigns strategies often seek to trail the weaknesses of the rival and as a result, provide justifiable position to attack the opponents at all times.

The frames seem a derivative of these stratagems. Political framing is instrumental since it aids the construction of a phenomenon that either favors the dominating camp or disfavors the opposing camp. This study will attempt to compare and contrast the equivalent frame and emphasis frame as applied in Lesbianism Gay and Bisexual LGB political topic. This study will construct vivid examples from past two U.

The section is segmented into two main sections. Sections one provide a background scenario…… [Read More]. Racial Ideology of Latinas. The novel opens seven years after Gabo's mother, Ximena, was murdered by coyotes -- or paid traffickers -- during an attempt to cross the border. Her mutilated body was found, her organs gone -- sold most likely.

Because of the fear surrounding this border town and the lure of the other side, all of the characters become consumed with finding afa. These people are neglected and abused. Like other fiction works on this topic such as Cisneros's The House on Mango Street , The Guardians is rich in symbolism and flavored with Mexican aphorisms.

The novel also shows the reader how complex and perilous border life is when you're living in between the United States and Mexico. The book is important when attempting to understand the challenge of the border town life and it is, at the same time, a testament to faith, family bonds, cultural pride, and the human…… [Read More]. Marxism History and Ideology An.

During his first few months in Paris, Marx became a communist and put forth his views in a plethora of writings known as the Economic and philosophical Manuscripts, that remained unpublished until the s.

It was also in Paris that Marx developed his life long association with Friedrich Engels. In the initiation of , Marx moved back to Paris when a revolution first emerged and onto Germany where he instituted again in Cologne, the Neue heinishce Zeitung. In later periods Marx settled in London, and was optimistic about the imminence of a new revolutionary emergence in Europe. He re-entered the Communist League and wrote two prolonged pamphlets on the revolution in France and its repercussions, the Class Struggles in France and the 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte.

He had a…… [Read More]. Educational Ideology Philosophy and Theory. Finally, logic consists of the study of formal argument and is fundamentally related to other branches of philosophy and to the process of human reason, more generally. Jordan Political Structure the Democratization. Civil Society and Democratization in the Arab World Khalidi discuses Arab world Nascent democratization in the Middle East.

Jordan, al-Aqsa intifada and America's "war on terror" Khalidi discusses Arab world Theorizing Ideology Literature as a. Literature is allowed to expand across class lines because it is constantly seeking out new forms of expressing the human experience. Even the most elite of the bourgeoisie are allowed to enjoy the latest experimental or ethnic literature, which serve as pure representations of the proletariat human experience, "it is common to see 'literature' defined as 'full, central, immediate human experience,' usually an associated reference to 'minute particulars,'" illiams These "minute particulars" are what make literature so interesting and entertaining, thus successful.

It is with this understanding of literature as an ideology that the concept of ideology can take on duel roles, "A common culture is thus entirely compatible with a hierarchical one," Eagleton The Idea of Culture Much unlike the theories which state that a true ideology cannot live up to a duel existence, literature as an ideology proves to do just that. It is in this…… [Read More]. Ideology What is ideology?

Ideology is a belief system that supports and promotes personal or a group's social or religious agenda. In some cases its nature will be obvious to most people, but in other cases an ideology will be disguised as scientific fact based on nonexistent or reinterpreted empirical evidence. Ideologies are invariably supported by personally- or collectively-held religious or political beliefs, rather than extant empirical evidence or objective observation. Concepts within the ideology are typically framed in a black and white manner, such as right vs.

The use of such terminology has the effect of erasing the inherent complexity common to most social issues. From the perspective of a social scientist the most important characteristic is that ideologies are refractory to scientific inquiry and may go so far as to attack opposing beliefs to preserve its…… [Read More]. Sexual and Religious Ideologies of uddhism in North India uddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world, exceeded only by Christianity, Islam and Hinduism Robinson, The uddha, Siddhartha Gautama, founded udhiam in Northern India.

When uddha was 29, he left his wife, children and community involvements in order to seek truth and Nirvana.

At the time, it was acceptable for men to leave their family and seek spiritual enlightenment. Only when this is accomplished will they be afforded peace and happiness. Culture a Political Issue People. In this way, they differ significantly from the general global tendency to have fewer children in the interest of a sustainable future for humanity.

Cultural values are regarded as primarily important in the decision to have and raise children. When the issue is thoroughly investigated, it is clear that culture is indeed a political issue. There are several and divergent reasons for this, of which the most important is that both politics and culture are inseparable from human life itself. There is no community that does not have some sort of government and some sort of culture.

The ways in which culture and politics interact and manifest are as numerous as there are nations on earth. This is what makes it both a complicated and rich field of study. The American Historical eview, Vol. Revolutionary War Although the Ideology. The idea that all human beings were born equal and that as equals and that all had equal rights flew in the face of traditional social norms.

In the Old World, social hierarchies determined political and economic status. In the New World, citizens at least had the opportunity to participate in town meetings. The newly bestowed rights and freedoms were not universal, however. Slaves and women were both excluded from the political process, stripped of the liberties granted to white males. Moreover, the revolution proposed a new form of republican government that was "by the people.

The Revolutionary War did alter the political landscape of the New World. Rather than be governed from beyond as a colony, the United States asserted its right to self-government.

Moral Legal Political and Practical. The line of legitimacy, separating socially approvable use of force from violence, cannot be effectively drawn without an agreement on what constitutes the optimum amount of force necessary to maintain social order and to protect human rights against encroachment. A society subscribing to infinite morality which condemns all use of force as immoral is doomed no less than a society accepting the absolute pragmatism of tyrants.

The attitude of absolute pragmatism can easily lead to the acceptance of political assassinations, as long as such acts may help the final political purpose.

An example of absolute pragmatism can be the regime initiated by Hitler, who ordered the extermination of all Jews in an attempt to "purify" the human race by excluding anyone who did not fill in the Arian ideal. American Politics Development of Political. This rule is applicable to all states except North Dakota which does not require registration. Absentee ballots and mail ballot options are also available for voters who could not make it to the election booth.

This is the election process in the United States. Problems of the local governments Local governments have a vital role to play in the country because they are the closest government body for the citizens. Despite this close association, the role of local governments is under-estimated due to a variety of reasons.

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Upon entering my first semester at Southern Nazarene University I could not have told you my political ideology. I knew what my opinions, observations, expectations, and ideals were, but did not know the proper ideology that would define them.

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- Position Paper: Political Ideology Upon entering my first semester at Southern Nazarene University I could not have told you my political ideology. I knew what my opinions, .

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Ideology is a highly contested phenomenon used in politics, social science and philosophical discourse. Heywood (, p12) defines ideology as ‘a more or less coherent set of ideas that provides the basis for organised political action whether this is intended to preserve, modify or overthrow the existing system of power.’. Political Ideology Essay Political Ideologies are different from political parties, but they are often confused. Political Parties elect candidates to run with their party’s “ticket,” and political ideologies are beliefs that people have about certain political issues.

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Political Ideology Essay Words | 6 Pages. Political Ideology Essay Through out the past there have been many different forms of political ideology. With all theses different types of government you have to wonder sometimes which one of theses forms of government would be the best to run the ideal society. Political Ideologies Political ideologies are some sets of ethical or moral values, beliefs, principles, theories, or any doctrines of a public interest group. Considering the merits and demerits of different ideologies people keep belief on various political ideologies ; Here are some popular political Ideologies - 1.