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How To Make Paper African Masks

How to Make an African Mask From Papier-Mâché

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In Africa, masks are carved which depict deities, spirits and animals. These figures are central to native belief systems because they explain how the world works. Find out how to make an African mask from papier-mâché by following the steps in this article.

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African masks play a vital part many cultures and tell such tales of expression, religion and personality. They are created with so many colours and designs and they are great fun to make. You can create your own design that .

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Before I added any paper mache, I spent some time poking and pushing and taping the top of the mask, so it woudl be as rounded as possible. I also spent some time shaping the ears so they would have fairly smooth forms. Dogon Mask, Step Step Now for the wonderfully messy part – I begin to add a layer of newsprint and paper mache paste. Find great deals on eBay for paper mache african mask. Shop with confidence.

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Project Difficulty Level: Challenging. This paper mache mask is modeled after a one that was made by a Dogon artist. There are a number of websites that show these masks, because their beauty makes them valuable works of art. I found the hyena mask I copied here. The process was challenging because. Product Features Made of Paper Mache Mask Is about 7" Wide and 14" Long with the Nose.