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2018 Most Affordable Online Colleges Offering Doctoral Programs

Most Affordable Online Doctoral Degrees by Subject

❶The program specifically in Leadership concentrates on training leaders in teaching and administrative methods.

Legal loop-holes allow you to get your Ph.D., DBA degree based on experience.

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Cheap Online PhD Programs Online PhD programs are often prohibitively expensive, and that’s largely because of the course materials and many of the physical things that you need to purchase and the facilities that you’re paying for.

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25 rows · Its online campus offers a PhD in leadership studies with concentrations in educational .

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51 rows · The 50 Best Online PhD Programs in The following is a list of universities that offer . Is it possible to do a cheap or free online or distance Ph.D. program? [closed] up vote 5 down vote favorite. 3. Is it possible do to an online or distance Ph.D. program at all? If so, are there ones that are cheap or free? phd graduate-admissions online-learning tuition distance-learning.

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Top 50 Most Affordable Online PhD Programs Our list of the top 50 affordable online Ph.D. programs is a ranking that takes into account base tuition for ranking. Many of the programs have further fees and we encourage all readers to research the various fees associated with the various institutions. The PhD in education is designed for those who want to assume leadership or administrative positions, as well as those who intend to teach at the postsecondary level or move into research. Studies can delve into such areas as experimental design, educational psychology, instructional technology, curriculum development, and statistical methods.