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Essay: Animal Farm as Animal Satire

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❶So give me argumentation! Set in ironic juxtaposition to this terse phrasing

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After which Russian leader is Old Major modeled?
George Orwell

His father was an important British civil servant in India, which was then part of the British Empire. A few years after Eric was born, he retired on a low pension and moved back to England. Though their income was not much enough, the Blair family sent their son away to boarding school which was an exclusive preparatory school, to prepare him for Eton Collage. Eric then won a scholarship to Eton Collage. There he witnessed oppression again, but this time he was looking at things from the top.

Having served five years in Burma, he resigned in and turned back to Europe and lived in Paris for more than a year. Though he wrote novels and short stories he found nobody to get them published. He worked as a tutor and even as a dishwasher in Paris. During his poor days in Paris, he once more experienced the problems of the oppressed, the helpless and lower class people. In , his publisher wanted Orwell to go to the English coal-mining country and write about it which was another important experience in his life.

He wrote The Road to Wigan Pier to reflect what he saw there, the real poverty of people of the Lancashire Town of Wigan, and published it in Ball, When the Communists attempted to eliminate their allies on the far left, he fought against them and was wounded in the fighting, later was forced to flee for his life. His experience in this war was to have the most significant impact on his political thoughts and his later works.

One of his best-known books reflecting his lifelong distrust of dictatorial government, whether of the left or right, Animal Farm, a modern beast-fable attacking Russian Revolution, Stalinism and totalitarianism, was published in , and Nineteen Eighty-Four, a dystopian novel setting forth his fears of an intrusively bureaucratised state of the future was published in His first fame was brought by these two novels and they were the only ones which made a profit for him as a writer Ball, Orwell died at the early age of forty-seven of a neglected lung ailment in London, Jan.

Very few authors develop essays explaining the motivation behind their writing. Orwell was of one them. The Russian revolution that took place in the second decade of 20th century and The Spanish Civil War between and The Russian Revolution Bolshevik Revolution of October was the first great revolution which aimed at to overthrow the owners of the means of production, that is Capitalist Bourgeoisie, and to establish a state to be ruled by the working class, the Proletariat.

Marx was very critical of industrial capitalist society in which there are many cruel injustices and men are exploited by men.

Out of his analysis of Capitalist system, he attained a vision of ending these injustices and establishing a society in which there would be no social classes and everybody would be equal. To him, in order to achieve this end the only way was a revolution made by the working class or the Proletariat against the Bourgeoisie. After revolution working classes would own the means of production.

In October , V. Lenin, led the socialist Bolshevik revolution in Russia. After the revolution was a four-year bloody civil war. During this war Red Army of the revolution organised and headed by Leon Trotsky had to fight against both Russians who were loyal to Czar and foreign troops The Academic American Encyclopaedia, Stalin gained priority over Trotsky and; in Trotsky with several other members ousted from Politburo the chief executive and political committee of the Communist Party ; in Trotsky and his followers expelled from Party; Stalin took the control.

Later Trotsky was exiled and in he was deported. In he was assassinated. During this period, Stalin always denounced Trotsky as a traitor Ball, In the following years, Russia witnessed that Stalin started to take all power only in his hands. After public trials most of the opposing elements were eliminated.

Stalin has been accused of being a very cruel dictator. Stalin believed that all his practices was necessary in order to defend the benefits of labourers. He looked at these practices from the view point of the benefit of socialism and labourers. Thus, we cannot define his practices as of a giddy cruel despot.

Yet, between and the military rising originating in Morocco, headed by General Francisco Franco, spreads rapidly all over the country, After a number of bloody battles in which fortunes changed from one side to the other. To Orwell, relations in the militia group he joined were the same and this made him feel that socialism was in action there.

Communists believed that the communist ideas were betrayed by the militia group that Orwell belonged to. When he returned England he reported what he witnessed in the war, but Socialists strongly resisted to understand what he told about the practices of communists in Spain. After this bad experience, he started to be more critical of British socialists and of communism.

He was also denouncing the acceptance of soviet regime by the left-wing people of other countries and particularly of England without questioning in depth. Animal Farm was the first book in which I tried, with full consciousness of what I was doing, to fuse political purpose and artistic purpose into one whole.

I have not written a novel for seven years, but I hope to write another fairly soon. It is bound to be a failure, every book is a failure, but I do know with some clarity what kind of book I want to write.

When Orwell finished his book, no one wanted to publish it. Consequently the book was published in Britain on 17 August , after the war was over, and sold more than When it published in the State in , it sold about The book was a satire on totalitarian regime of Stalin in Russia. But this interpretation of the book was completely opposes to the real intention of the book. To him, this myth was giving harm to the Socialist movement Fowler, , p.

Animal Farm might leave a kind of pessimism on readers who have knowledge of historical background that inspired Orwell to write it. For instance, one possible pessimistic view that can be derived from Animal Farm is the impossibility of establishing a social system in which there would be no inequality between individuals and there would be no individuals or groups of people who apt to make use of power just for their benefits.

Another possible pessimistic view of those who rely on socialism or communism would be that: Actually, the point that Orwell intended to give emphasis is not the ideology itself, but the human nature. The letter included his arguments against pessimistic view of his book: Of course I intended it primarily as a satire on the Russian Revolution. But I did mean it to have a wider application in so much that I meant that that kind of revolution violent conspiratorial revolution, led by unconsciously power-hungry people can only lead to a change of masters.

I meant the moral to be that revolutions only effect a radical improvement when the masses are alert and know how o chuck out their leaders as soon as the latter have done their job. The turning point of the story was supposed to be when the pigs kept the milk for themselves Kronstad. After the definition of satire, its significant characteristics, and some techniques used in satire will be discussed. In art for instance, the reflection may be revealed in the form of a sculpture, a song or a picture.

Satire is one the ways that the reaction or perception of life is expressed. Since people look at life from different stand points, as matter of fact, they naturally perceive it in numerous ways. As a result of the variety in perception, the way of revealing the effects or reflections of these perceptions also shows variety. A few years after its publication, it attracted critical controversy because of its popularity amongst anticommunist factions in the United States; Orwell was alarmed that these forces were using his short novel as propaganda for their political views.

In the subsequent years, Animal Farm has been interpreted from feminist, Marxist, political, and psychological perspectives, and it is perceived as an important and relevant book in the post-World War II literary canon.

Moreover, it is considered one of Orwell's most lasting achievements. Critical Essays essays ; also published as Dickens, Dali, and Others Review of Animal Farm, by George Orwell. Times Literary Supplement 25 August Animals, as Swift well knew, make admirable interpreters of the satiric intention, and Mr. George Orwell has turned his farm into a persuasive demonstration of the peculiar trick the whip wrested from the hands of a tyrant has of turning itself into a lash of scorpions and attaching itself to the new authority.

The animals are naturally pleased with themselves when they rise in revolutionary fervour and chase the drunken farmer off his own land, and their enthusiasm survives the prospect of the labour and discipline that lie before them if the farm is to be properly worked.

From the first, however, there are inequalities of brain and muscle, and the pigs gradually assume the intellectual leadership. The revolution changes its shape and form, but lip-service is still paid to its first precepts; if they become more and more difficult to reconcile with the dictatorial policies of the large Berkshire boar, Napoleon, such a loyal and simple creature as Boxer, the carthorse, is ready to blame his own stupidity rather than the will to power working in those who have the means to power in their trotters.

Dictatorship is evil, argues Mr. Orwell with a pleasant blend of irony and logic while busily telling his fairy story, not only in that it corrupts the characters of those who dictate, but in that it destroys the intelligence and understanding of those dictated to until there is no truth anywhere and fear and bewilderment open the way for tyranny ferocious and undisguised.

Orwell's animals exist in their own right, and his book is as entertaining as narrative as it is apposite in satire [ Animal Farm ]. In the sixth volume of The Second World War, Sir Winston Churchill has described the scene at Potsdam in July, , when from a little distance he watched President Truman tell Marshal Stalin of the great event that was to take place in the following month; the latest triumph of western genius, the masterpiece that was destined so profoundly to affect the history of the world.

The Marshal showed polite interest, the mildest of curiosity that barely rose above the level of Although George Orwell tells us that the idea of Animal Farm came from his actual experience of seeing a small boy easily controlling a huge carthorse with a whip, 1 various scholars have suggested literary sources or precedents for his fable.

These include a number of Kipling's short stories, 2 the fourth book of Swift's Gulliver's Travels, and, least The Journal of the English Association 33, no. Wells's The Island of Dr. Moreau was Orwell's inspiration for Animal Farm and draws parallels between the two works. In his Preface to the Ukranian edition of Animal Farm, Orwell said that the germ of his story came from seeing. It struck me that if only such animals It seems appropriate that, at a Utopian conference in , one should think of Swift in relation to this significant date and with substantial reference to Orwell's view of Gulliver's Travels as well as to his own dystopian fictions.

Utopian fictions to give definitional priority to the positive side of the genre , being essentially timeless and placeless, cannot be considered only in terms of the time at which they Animal Farm as History.

This essay has a very simple aim: George Orwell's repeated insistence on plain, firm language reflects his confidence in ordinary truth. This is visible in the language of the narrator in Animal Farm, which is characterized by syntactic tidiness and verbal pithiness.

Set in ironic juxtaposition to this terse phrasing Few books are as well-known as Animal Farm. Published fifty years ago, in August , as the Cold War was about to begin, the novel with its mixture of simple fairy-tale and historical allegory, still has the power to charm and provoke, even though that war now seems to be part of a previous age.

The novel, while frequently taught in schools to thirteen and fourteen year olds, is rarely to be Leo Tolstoy and George Orwell are sometimes contrasted as two figures with totally opposite attitudes to life, the one an other-worldly believer and the other a this-worldly humanist.

In a celebrated essay, published in , 1 Orwell defended Shakespeare's King Lear against the Russian's intemperate attack and, moreover, also criticized his whole outlook on life. Tolstoy, he wrote, was an imperious and egotistical Whatever the advantages or disadvantages of the German invasion of Russia, at least it saved Britain from the risk of immediate invasion and defeat, and thus such a man as Orwell, who was alarmed at the ultimate consequences of the Russian alliance, was able to live his life under a lesser strain in the last years of the war than in the first.

He was able to give Published in , George Orwell's Animal Farm remains to this day, in my opinion, the best of anti-Communist books. If we had to do without all the others, fine as some of them are—Koestler, Dallin, Silone, Borkenau, Serge, and the Although Animal Farm is mentioned in scores of studies of Orwell, no critic has thought it worth a comment that the pigs who betray the revolution, like the pig who starts it, are not just pigs but boars, that is, uncastrated male pigs kept for breeding purposes.

Authorized Orwell biography; Crick was the first biographer to be granted access to Orwell's personal papers by his widow.

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The Satire of Animal Farm Essay - The Satire of Animal Farm Orwell's book, "Animal Farm", is full of satire. This satire is Orwell's way of communicating problems and resolutions. The main message in Animal Farm is that power cannot be divided equally. There will never be equality for all.

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The book Animal Farm, is a political satire of a totalitarian society ruled by a mighty dictatorship, in all probability an allegory for the events surrounding the Russian Revolution. The animals of "Manor Farm" overthrow their human master (Mr. Jones) after a long history of mistreatment.

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Farm and the Russian Revolution have many similarities and ideas. The characters, settings, and the plots are the same. In addition Animal Farm is a satire and allegory of the Russian Revolution, George Orwell meant for it to be that way. My essay will cover the comparison between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution. Animal Farm: Critical Essay In the era of the Russian Revolution George Orwell wrote the fable known as “Animal Farm” to highlight the events and outcome of the revolution. Orwell symbolises iconic figures during the revolution through the use of farm animals such as pigs, cows and donkeys.

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Essay on Animal Farm, by George Orwell. Tying It All Together George Orwell's novel Animal Farm does an excellent job of portraying every aspect of the Russian Revolution of Animal Farm is a satire that uses its characters to symbolize leaders of the Russian Revolution. Like Gulliver's Travels, Animal Farm is a satirical novel in which Orwell, like Swift, attacks what he saw as some of the prominent follies of his time. These various satirical targets comprise the major themes of .