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Alexander the Great essay

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Military and political objectives of the Korean conflict are examined in this paper, which looks at America's crossing of the 38th Need A College Level Paper? Please enter a keyword or topic phrase to perform a search. Alexander the Great's Images In five pages this essay considers two artistic images of Alexander the Great a woodcut print from the 16th century, 'The Three Go Comparison of Socrates, Alexander the Great, and Confucius In four pages these towering figures of classical history are compared in terms of their philosophical vs.

In Memphis he made sacrifices to Egyptian gods. Near the delta of the Nile River he founded a new city, to be named Alexandria after him.

Alexandria almost immediately replaced the ravaged Tyre as the major commercial and trade center in the region. In time, it became the first truly international city. Persians and Greeks, Macedonians and Jews, Indians and Africans were all drawn by the opportunities available in this busy port.

As they worked together in Alexandria, the fusion of the Greek and Oriental culture that became to be known as Hellenism began to develop and spread, and the cultures of both East and West were changed. At Ammon, in the Libyan Desert, he visited the oracle of the Greek god Zeus, and the priests saluted him as the son of that great god. He met him on a wide plain near the village of Gaugamela, or Camel's House, some miles from the town of Arbela on September Darius had gathered together all his military strength--chariots with scythes on the wheels, elephants, and a great number of cavalry and foot soldiers.

Alexander again led his cavalry straight toward Darius, while his phalanx attacked with long pikes. Darius fled once more, and Alexander won a great and decisive victory in October 1, BC. After the battle, he was proclaimed king of Asia. Babylon, the walled Persian city so large, wrote Aristotle, that it took two days for the word of its surrender to reach all its people, welcomed the conqueror, and Alexander made sacrifices to the Babylonians' god Marduk.

The Persian capital, Susa, also opened its gates. In this city and at Persepolis an immense hoard of royal treasure fell into Alexander's hands. In March BC he set out to pursue Darius. When Alexander's men drew near, Bessus and another noble Nabarzanes seized and stabbed Darius when he refused to step down. Alexander found him dying.

So the hunted eluded the hunter at last. His men now wanted to return home. Alexander, however, was determined to press on to the eastern limit of the world, which he believed was not far beyond the Indus River. He spent the next several years campaigning in the wild country to the east.

There he married a chieftain's daughter, Roxane. In January BC, he led what was left of his army to the siege on Oxyartes, firmly entrenched in a mountain fortress on the Sogdian Rock. In the early summer of BC Alexander reached the provinces to the east, in present day India.

At the Hydaspes River now Jhelum he defeated the army of King Porus whose soldiers were mounted on elephants. Discharging his old and wounded soldiers as colonists, he founded a city, Nicaea, Greek for "victory" - in its honor, and then another for his horse. Then he pushed farther east.

Alexander's men had now marched 11, miles 18, kilometers. Soon they refused to go farther, and Alexander reluctantly turned back in September BC. He had already ordered a fleet built on the Hydaspes, and he sailed down the Indus to its mouth. Then he led his army overland, across the desert. Many died of hunger, thirst and disease during the sixty- day march. Alexander reached Susa in the spring of BC. There he rested with his army. Alexander forged ahead with his plans for fusing East and West.

He began projects designed to improve trading facilities and expand the empire's network of commercial routes. He was already eyeing new areas outside his domain he could open up. He spent the money in his treasury freely, giving huge rewards to the soldiers who had been loyal to him for so long. The next spring he went to Babylon. Long marches and many wounds had so lowered his vitality that he was unable to recover from a fever - probably malaria.

He died at Babylon on June 13, BC. His body, encased in gold leaf, was later placed in a magnificent tomb at Alexandria, Egypt. Most students are so happy they've finally finished writing their essay or research paper, they forget to spell-check and search for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Most professional writers even use the help of editors and actually pay them for their services to ensure the paper is coherent, well-structured and flows well.

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Introduction - Briefly describe what the essay is about; if you plan to focus on any specific area of Alexander's life say so here. Cultural background - Give an outline of the society Alexander came from and what it valued. Early life - Describe how Alexander brought up and give any details about his family you can find.

Were there early clues that he would achieve greatness? Military Career - How did Alexander first rise to military command? What made him so successful against so many different opponents?

Political achievements - What did he achieve as a leader of society? Did his expansion of Greek culture contribute to an increase in knowledge? How valuable was this?

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Alexander the Great Research Papers discuss his leadership throughout his reign. Alexander the Great was born July B.C. in the city of Pella as Alexander III. Alexander is well known for being one of the kings of Macedon. The State of Macedon is located in northern Ancient Greece.

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Alexander The Great Essay Possible Outline. Alexander the Great died in BC, but he's still likely to appear in any list of history's greatest generals. Teaching research paper Custom research papers Essay introduction Hiring ghostwriters to do your papers Alice Walker research paper writing Alexander The Great essay outline Proverbial.

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Research Paper 4/11/11 Alexander the Great is remembered as a conquering man who built one of the largest empires. Some describe him as a man with a vision of world harmony. Some describe him as a man with a vision of world harmony. Hence, this paper will examine the life and actions of Alexander the Great in order to answer the above-mentioned questions and consider whether he should be called “great” or not. The hero of the ancient world was born in Pella (Macedonia) in B.C.E. Alexander was the son of Philip II, the King of Macedon and Olympias, the daughter of.